Inspirational platform 


Kirsten Jordan started HTSPT as @HTSPT_Rotterdam on Instagram to share the nice places in the city with everyone. Meanwhile, HTSPT is growing as the inspirational platform that focuses on hotspots, travel, interesting stories and suiting brands. Follow us to get inspiration for your own city or for your next trip (@HTSPT)!

Independent and sincere


Our database of hotspots (sights) is created independently so that you can be confident that we really think the spots are worth visiting. We select them based on the recommendation of followers, locals and our own experiences. We only collaborate with hotspots/ brands that fit the platform. In addition, articles with paid collaborations (we also have to earn something..) are always clearly tagged with 'sponsored'. Hotspots and brands also have the option to spotlight an article or sight (labeled as 'featured'), in which they don't have any substantive input. We do not post content that we are not content with! ;)


About us


Kirsten calls herself a real 'Rotterdammer', even though she did not really grow up there. She went back to the 'Maasstad' for her studies (Media and Entertainment Management) and didn't leave. She's a true series and film lover and after her studies she also did a course in Scandinavian Film. This then led to an attempt to learn the Swedish language, but we better don't make any statements about this. ;) Above all, she's very into traveling, she really comes to rest when she finds new places and she loves to share these adventures with like-minded people. She started HTSPT out of love for Rotterdam, hotspots, Instagram and life as a free entrepreneur!


Ruden wanted to be all kinds of things as a small boy, including architect, teacher, actor and comedian. But he especially wanted to be a creative entrepreneur. He therefore started an advertising agency during his studies. But the brands that he most favored promotion and attention, often didn't have the budgets needed to be able to truly choose independently for whom he worked. He did see that potential in HTSPT Rotterdam, that Kirsten - his girlfriend - started. In the meantime, they've been working together as an entrepreneurial couple for two years now and he only works with the people and brands that fit HTSPT and his interests.