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Have we not yet visited your hotel, restaurant, shop, lunchroom or coffee bar? Invite us (! Our experience articles are unpaid and based on barrel deals. This way we keep the platform reliable for the readers. We would like to visit with two people and, if the hotspot suits us, we write a nice experience article (including photos) in NL and ENG. We will also report on our visit to Instagram Stories and when the article is published we refer to 'swipe-up' (link) via an Instagram Story.


Each suitable hotspot will get a free personal page with an overview photo, description, address details, links to the website and social media channels, information about the dishes / kitchen and a list of facilities! Our database is sorted by popularity by default, so make sure guests 'like' the hotspot on HTSPT to be placed higher in our search results!




"Then how do you make money?"

Besides experience articles (bartering, optional with more reach) we offer extra promotion to sights (hotspots), brands and events that suit us. For example through an advertorial, highlighting an article or a hotspot from the database, social media post or promoting an event.

Curious about all possibilities and our rates? Our reach is for sale, our opinion is not ;)


Brands with the focus on travel, hotspots, freedom, design and / or sustainability are preferred. Important: our hotspot database is compiled independently and unpaid with only recommendations that we really support.