10 crowdfunding success stories in Rotterdam

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Starting your own hotspot easily costs ten thousands of euro's. So what if you have a brilliant idea for a new spot, but your bank account doesn't go anywhere near that number? Crowd funding is the magic word! It is not just a fast way to get your funding, but also perfect to find out if there is a market for your concept. Invite all your investors for the opening and there you have your first big party. So no wonder Rotterdam is already bursting with crowd funding successes!
Baker & Moore (Westblaak 147) and Baker's Dough (Pannekoekstraat 82a)
We cannot imagine a Rotterdam without Baker & Moore anymore, but back in 2014 owners Paul Bakker and Eline Moor had to scrap together quite some euro's to transform their 196 m2 into a breakfast and lunch paradise first. € 67.350 more specifically! And over 100 investors were thrilled to pay up. So you can imagine that when the two entrepreneurs were thinking of starting the very first cookie dough bar of the Netherlands, they asked their loyal investors and guests for help again. In no time 60 investors collected the needed € 75.000 and now Baker's Dough is a big hit in Rotterdam as well.

Lot & Daan (Oost-Wijnstraat 21)
The more than stylish Lot & Daan - think of an inside tree, swinging chairs, yellow tiles and pink walls - collected no less than € 195.000 via crowd funding. A nice bonus for the investors was that they all got a goody bag or even a lunch, depending on the size of their investment. That campaign brought us a very instagrammable hotspot in the Oude Haven, where you can have the best healthy dishes.

Jeroen Bakt Brood (Jacob Catstraat 41a)
Jeroen was already baking the most delicious breads in the brick oven in his living room for a while. Only his friends were benefitting from this, until Jeroen decided to give whole of Rotterdam a taste of his baking miracles. With the help of a crowd funding campaign Jeroen made a running start with his small bakery in Rotterdam-Noord. And Rotterdam home bakers know where to find Jeroen as well for his workshops!

Harvest Coffee Brewers (Glashaven 107)
After spending some years in Australia, Zjevaun and Loes returned to the Netherlands with a dream: starting their own coffee bar with high quality coffee. Add the words "all day breakfast" to that and you understand why the couple collected their starting capital via crowd funding in no time. My coffee loving boyfriend enthusiastically contributed as well and received a gift coupon as a thank-you to drink some delicious cups of coffee at the waterside. Win-win! 

Backyard (Korte Hoogstraat 14)
Yunlai Ye and Wiwi Cao wanted to open up a big brother for The Tea Lab. One with backyard vibe and delicious vegan dishes. And they were not the only ones! In record time the required € 250.000 (!) was collected. I was more than willing to invest in this new healthy hotspot as well, but I was already to late. Within a few hours the financial base for the plant based dream of Yunlai and Wiwi was there. (Botersloot 18A)
Did you know that one of your favourite Asian hotspots started with some crowd funding help as well? In October 2016 crowd funding was the way the start-up capital was collected for a new hotspot with the very best noodle soup of Rotterdam. A nice extra for the investors: they all got an invite to come slurp some noodles themselves. 

The Harvest (Proveniersstraat 36A)
Owner Wessel had a dream of fast flexitarian food. Seasonal ingredients, sustainable products and no nonsense meals attracted 81 investors to help The Harvest opening its doors. This way a new healthy hotspot could welcome its very first guest at the Proveniersstraat last spring.

Panzero’ Apulian StrEat Food (Botersloot 50A)
In the very same street as crowd funding success you can find another success story. Panzero breaths the vibe of the Italian region Apulia, where both the owners ánd their food come from. As Rotterdam was missing a place to enjoy some Apulian panzero, the owners collected a start-up fund for their cute business at the Botersloot via crowd funding.

Plantastic Health Hub (unknown)
A new success is already on its way: Plantastic Health Hub, a plant based concept store ánd restaurant in the heart of Rotterdam. This summer, Cilla - known on instagram as @squatcilla - and Tom raised almost €100.000 to help Rotterdam with its healthy and fit lifestyle. That sounded so good to me that I signed up as one of the investors for this project immediately. At the end of this year the green hotspot will open its doors at the Mariniersweg with a big opening party!


Maartje Verheijden

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