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10x Hotspots in Rotterdam for the best coffee

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A cappuccino, macchiato or espresso? Coffee is hot! That’s a thing we can see on the coffee menu, that’s getting bigger and bigger. Years ago, coffee was just coffee in which you could add milk or sugar. Today, coffee is more than just coffee. That's why I listed the best places to drink coffee in Rotterdam for you.

Caffè Booon

Proveniersstraat 31Rotterdam Meets Italy. As they say at Caffè Booon In Rotterdam: Il Caffe il basamo del cuore el dello spirito, also: coffee is the balm for heart and mind. True that! At this coffee hotspot at the Proveniersstraat they know what to do with this stimulant. 


Schiedamse Vest 146 & Zwaanhals 474 | Hopper succeeded at two locations in our city. Both locations are cozy and definitely worth a visit for a coffee date. They have their own home-made coffee, that’s roasted at the location in the North of Rotterdam.

Hopper Rotterdam

Harvest Coffee Brewers

Glashaven 107 | At Harvest Coffee Brewers they work with a lot of passion for coffee. They even have won the prize for 'Barista champion of the Netherlands'. I think that’s enough reason to visit this spot at the Glashaven!

Harvest Coffee Brewers

Man met Bril Koffie

Vijverhofstraat 70 | What started small, is a coffee roaster with its own roasted fresh coffee nowadays. They love to welcome you at the Hofbogen to enjoy a tasteful cup of Man met Bril coffee. Even so tasteful that a lot of other locations in Rotterdam serve their coffee.

Man met Bril Koffie Rotterdam

Heilige Boontjes

Eendrachtsplein 3 | This coffee house of Rotterdam, Heilige Boontjes, has good coffee, but also a beautiful goal. Young people with a distance from society are working here. Their goal is to reintegrate them into society again. Win-win!

Heilige Boontjes Rotterdam

Urban Espresso Bar (UEB West)

Nieuwe Binnenweg 263At the Nieuwe Binnenweg, there is the Urban Espresso Bar. This coffee hotspot has become an indispensable part of Rotterdam West. Grab your laptop and find your spot to work. UEB is very suitable for that, and also for a coffee-break ofcourse!

UEB west

Lebkov & Sons

Stationsplein 50 | At the end of Rotterdam Central Station you  can find Lebkov & Sons. Their coffee is very tasteful, and the staff is really friendly. This is a good place to work or just take a short break. They have a lot of seating areas, so most of the time you can find a place there!

Lebkov Rotterdam coffee

Nine Bar

Botersloot 44A | Just want to relax? Go to Nine Bar. At this place, they take time for their guests and are passionate about coffee. They work with quality coffee beans and want to make you feel relaxed. Sounds good, right?

Nine Bar Rotterdam

Joy Espresso and more

Groenendaal 493 | At Joy you get your coffee, as it should be, tasteful and made with love. This new coffeebar is the perfect place to enJOY your cappuccino, espresso or one of the other coffees. Let’s go there!

Joy Espresso Rotterdam

COPPI Koffie & Fietsen

Bergweg 316COPPI is more than a place for a coffee break. It’s a shop with exclusive, bicycle-related products at the same time. Actually it is a good spot for coffee, breakfast and lunch with a hip cycle repair place in it! 

COPPI koffie & fietsen Rotterdam


Fleur Felsbourg

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UEB West Rotterdam

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