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Groningen, a city where it is bustling, hip and most importantly very cozy! We have so many wonderful memories of Groningen that it was time to go back for a weekend. And it turned out to be worth it! So if you want to enjoy yourself here for several days, we have some tips for you!

Feel good

Oude Kijk in t Jatstraat 29 | Let's just start with our favorite: Feel Good! For a delicious breakfast or lunch you really have to go here! No chance that you will not feel incredibly good about it. Here you only get pure (vegetarian) products on your plate or in your bowl, that is of course also possible. In addition to deliciously colored dishes, it is also a very hip and cozy hotspot. It reminded us of the great hotspots in Bali!


Gedempte Zuiderdiep 39-41 I Here you can also enjoy a nice breakfast or lunch, and from Wednesday to Saturday you can even stay until dinner or drinks. In addition, everything you see is for sale. Max went for the hamburger and I for the banana bread. Both tasty, but especially the 'coming together' makes this spot special!

Baq Brood & Cafe

Folkingestraat 19 I What a sweet place this is! Here you will find the nicest cakes and pastries. In addition, it smelled so nice of freshly baked bread that we were looking for a small place in the back for lunch. With the emphasis on 'small', because it was a very little table with two stools. It is just like a small living room where you can socialize. The lunch was simple but so tasty, the people were friendly and really took the time to chat. Cute place!

Black & Bloom

Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 32 I In between, of course, coffee had to be drunk and we preferred to go to Black & Bloom. They were the winners of the Misset Horeca Top 100 in 2016 and can still make a delicious cup of coffee! The intention is that you pay attention to each other or to yourself, that is of course also possible. You can choose a game, a good book, the newspaper or just enjoy your coffee very much. But your phone can go away for a while, and of course we did! We were able to immediately discuss what we really wanted to do this weekend.


Vismarkt 1 I Here you can look over the beautiful city square with a delicious cup of coffee, with latte art! You have several floors here and from the outside we never thought it would be so beautiful, large and atmospheric. In addition, they serve really good coffee, you can enjoy a drink here and we think this the place has the best view over the town square!

Cho Fah Eathai

Gelkingestraat 5 I For dinner we also found two worthy hotspots. With this spot, the emphasis is literally on 'hot'! You can eat really good Thai food here, but you will need a jug of water! We started with Por Pia Kai as a starter, which is Thai spring roll with chicken. As a main course I had Khang Phed, a red curry with coconut milk and various vegetables. This was really my best curry ever! And Max opted for Phad Prik Kra Taim. Well, how do you explain that? In any case, it was a stir-fry dish with seafood that he enjoyed immensely. By the way, it is handy to make a reservation here, because it is often crowded here.

El Santo

Oosterstraat 30 I Here, you are at the right place for a Mexican evening. There are more people who like this restaurant, so booking in advance is a good idea! To start with, we chose nachos with cheese and guacamole or was it cheese and guacamole with nachos? Well, it was too tasty. We then chose several dishes to share. Quesadillas, chicken tinga taquitos, smoked salmon, sweet potato fries and Churros for dessert!

To complete Groningen there are also plenty of fun activities to experience.


Martinikerkhof 3 I Climb the Martini tower and enjoy a beautiful view of the city. For this, you can buy a coin for three euros at the VVV Groningen which is opposite the tower. And it's immediately a good workout, because you have to climb a lot of stairs. Yet this should not be missed during a weekend in Groningen!

The Groninger Museum

Museum Island 1 I A bit of culture is always good for development and you can go to 'Het Groningen Museum' for that. A ticket costs 20 euros, but if you are in possession of a museum year ticket then you are ready for 5 euros. We must honestly confess that we found Chihuly's exhibition more impressive than the rest of the museum. But that was really very beautiful!


If you are looking for a tradition, eat an eggball (eierbal). It may not sound like one of the most culinary delights, but it is delicious! They sell this popular snack at every cafeteria, so we say; give it a try!

We hope that with these 10 tips you will have as nice of a weekend in Groningen as we had, because this city is fun!


Nicole van Nunen

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