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There are two things you can wake me up for in the middle of the night: pancakes and pizza. Now we know where to go for the best pancakes in Rotterdam, it’s time for the second one. If you wish to come visit me in the middle of the night, make sure you’ve been to one of these places before (and don’t forget to get something yourself).


Westblaak 87 & Aart van Nesstraat 20 | Although everyone has his or her favorites when it comes to pizza, there’s one thing almost everyone agrees on: a good pizza needs cheese. Lots. Of. Cheese. Unfortunately that’s not the most healthy option when it comes to dinner. Luckily we have Sugo.

This pizza heaven on the Aart van Nesstraat 20, and now also on Westblaak 87, has everything you expect from a pizzeria and even more. The pizzabakers from Sugo make their pizzas with a base of whole wheat, sourdough and soy and with the most fresh ingredients. And they don’t add any sugar or fats. Exactly what you need to know to give into your pizza cravings.

If you are someone who can’t make choices, Sugo is your place to be. Here you don’t have to choose between all kinds of difficult choices, which makes you end up with a good old (but bit boring) Margherita. Instead, Sugo has lots of different ‘pizza strips’ with all kinds of delicious flavours. That way you can take all the different flavours you like. Still can’t choose? The one with caramelised onions, walnut, mascarpone, mozzarella and black olives is my all-time favourite. And for all the vegans: there are a lot of delicious vegan options too.

Sugo Rotterdam

Old Scuola

Achterklooster 1 | You probably know Old Scuola from their foodtruck, with which they visited almost every (food)festival. Nowadays they have their own restaurant in Het Industriegebouw with a cosy terrace. You can go straight from the office to an after-work-pizza party at the pizzeria with the coolest interior of all pizzerias. A high ceiling, lots of concrete and steel and of course big, traditional pizza ovens. In short: the interior already makes this place very 'hotspot worthy' and we haven’t even spoken about the pizzas yet.

Although there are different opinions about the pizzas at Old Scuola, I like them a lot. De crust is soft and light and topped with the most delicious ingredients. The Fiore di latte (a.k.a. mozzarella) and fresh tuna here are definitely the best in town. So okay, not the traditional Italian pizzas with a hard crust as we know them, but a delicious pizza in a very cool interior instead. I can definitely settle for that.
 Old Scuola RotterdamOld Scuola Rotterdam

De Pizzabakkers

Pannekoekstraat 68A | If you prefer a tradtional, round pizza with hard crust, then you should go to De Pizzabakkers. Here they don’t have a huge list of pizzas with ingredients you have to search on Google first, but just twelve different pizzas with names you’ll definitely recognize. Boring? Absolutely not. The crunchy crust and fresh ingredients ensure that you want to visit De Pizzabakkers every week. One week to enjoy the Napoletana (with tomato, mozzarella, olives, capers and anchovy) and the next for the Caprese (with mozzarella, tomatoes and green pesto).

You’ll definitely enjoy your pizza the most with a good glass of prosecco on the side and a traditional Italian ‘dolci’ after. And that’s also something that you can find here. Tiramisú, Panna Cotta and Scroppino, they’re all on the menu. Your choice to make.

The best way to enjoy all these delicious Italian treats is under the sun. The terrace with picnic tables is the perfect place to do that. You can enjoy your pizza in the sun on the pavement around the restaurant and the square across the street. No sun? No worries. It’s just as cosy inside.

De Pizzabakkers RotterdamDe Pizzabakkers Rotterdam


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