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4x High tea at the terrace in Breda

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My grandmother always told me: when you are thirsty in warm weather, tea is the best idea! A high tea on a terrace hereby has an excellent explanation with these wise words. These four spots give us the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea in the sun. One for each day and who knows you might end the week with a high wine. We would love that!

Ja! Breda

Grote Markt 7 | While you're on the Grote Markt you might as well stop by Ja! for a high tea. This lunchroom is just as cozy as your living room with a perfect view on the market. We all love watching people right? On the menu you can even find several variations and better yet: you can take them home.

Yoghurt Barn

Veemarktstraat 44 | This new spot definitely does not just have yoghurt, but among other things they also have a high tea.  Sandwhiches, yoghurt and cake: a legitimate party. Furthermore, the interior is very insta-worthy and with lactose-free options it is great for a heap of people. We are a fan!

The Cake Room

Veemarktstraat 69 | Cupcakes, pink, pies with discodip and so on. There are now two of these beauties in Breda (the other one is called A Cup of Cake) and you have to experience this. A luxurious indulgence in between the pink walls is a true girlfriend getaway. Please do take your camera, just make sure your tea doesn't get cold. For the real sweettooth only.

Don Qui-John

Haagsemarkt 20 | Sure thing, this spot also has a high tea option. But we were also going to close the week with a high wine. A perfect reason to visit this place twice. A solid three-meal food plan which is naturally enough to count as dinner. Nice and fun on a Friday night following bulging out all weekend. Cheers!


Raqelle Talbot

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