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Valencia is by far my favourite city trip destination in Europe. The people are super friendly, it is pretty much always sunny, the beach are enormous and the city itself is filled with romantic, old buildings and the cutest streets. A city-beach combination like this is always a huge win, if you ask me, but Valencia offers a little bit extra. In this Spanish city right on the coast they serve the tastiest paella's of the entire country. Preferably in combination with fresh fish. Since it can be a huge job to pick the right ones from all the paella restaurants in the city, I will help you out. These are your go to places for the best paella’s in the city (if not, your life), de nada:

Sunset Gabbeach


After a whole day filled with relaxing on the beach, dining at Sunset Gabbeach is all you want. The food is fantastic, the live acts phenomenal and the interior is a dream. Right on the beach you will find yourself fully immersed in a romantic atmosphere. Dim lights, big white chairs and a fantastic beach view: did anyone say date night? If you decide to go here with a date, I advise you to stay away from the paella with lobster. That is because there are whole pieces of lobster in it and that means struggling all night long. No date? Then the above is without a doubt the tastiest dish on the menu. So, you know what to do.

Paella Sunset Gabbeach


Couldn’t find a table at Sunset Gabbeach? No worries. You can take place at their neighbours and believe me: their paella is just as good. At Portolito you can eat the best "Valencian Paella" in town. That is, paella with everything you can think of in an huge ass pan. Chicken, meat, beans in all shapes and sizes and a good portion of saffron. This in combination with a glass of "Agua de Valencia" (the traditional cocktail of the city) is the best dinner you will have during your city trip.

Paella at Portolito

La Pepica

Another good paella restaurant on the beach: La Pepica. Don't hesitate to go there because of the bright fluorescent lights, the paella makes up for that. According to many, it is even the best in town. And that is also apparent from the number of reservations. So make sure you book a table in advance and you are guaranteed a spot on the white, covered terrace at the beach.

La Reina

Of course you would like to spend a few evenings strolling around the romantic streets of Valencia. Luckily, there are also a lot of restaurants that serve the popular rice dish in the city centre. Here you can get the tastiest paella at La Reina. A Mediterranean restaurant where the interior has been carefully considered. Light blue tables, plates in earthenware hues and plants all over the place. Anyway, we are here for the paella, of course. The best one is the one with shellfish. A carafe of white sangria on the side and your evening is complete.

Paella at La Reina


Pamela Conner

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