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5x Chiang Mai hotspots you must visit!

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Last winter I was lucky enough to spend a month and a half in my favorite country, Thailand! Together with my boyfriend and my backpack full of dirty laundry we hopped from island to island in the sweltering heat. After spending one month in full tropical island vibe it was time to catch a plane to the Northern of Thailand, to Chiang Mai.
Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand and a favorite among backpackers. Not a surprise, since it is located in a beautiful green and mountainous area full of temples and other beautiful sights. Besides crazy night markets, delicious local food and famous tourist attractions, there are plenty of fun hotspots to discover in this vibrant city. I’ll give you a helping hand with these 5 hotspots you should not miss.

SS1254372 Cafe

This cafe is probably one of my favourite hotspots in Chiang Mai. The SS1254372 Cafe looks like a crazy space ship that made love to a hobbit house, but inside awaits a great surprise. The cafe was designed and decorated by Hern, one of Thailand’s most celebrated artists, and also functions as a art gallery. The cafe is a real gem, but the dishes are also works of art itself. For instance, pick the French toast with banana. A great start of the day, but also a feast for the eye since the dish is garnished with tropical flowers. But also the bagels with various toppings (salmon and avocado, yes!), 'superbowls' filled to the brim with tropical fruits and my all time fave, eggs benedict, are worth the trip!

Clay Studio Coffee

Hidden behind a high wall in the center of Chiang Mai you will find a green oasis of peace. Clay Studio Coffee is a small cafe where you can enjoy great coffee, tasty juices and a variety of Thai and Western dishes. The cafe is situated in the middle of the Terracotta Arts Garden, a courtyard that is reminiscent to the set of Tomb Raider. Take a seat among the tropical climbing plants and terracotta artworks and enjoy the rare tranquility!

Clay Studio Coffee

RK cafe by Omnia

The RK cafe by Omnia can be found in the Rubber Killer Flagship Store, the home of a Thai brand that transforms old inner tires into trendy accessories. From the vintage Vespa, which has been transformed into a coffee bar, you can order a refreshing cup of coffee and drink while browsing the store. In addition to cold brews, cappuccinos and lattes, the experienced baristas also make “Barista Specials”, such as the delicious Mojito Mocktail with a shot of espresso. In short, this bar is a must if you want to cool off with a divine cold brew!

RK cafe by Omnia

No. 39 Cafe

No. 39 Cafe is not just a nice coffee bar, it consists of a few buildings and comfy seats around a tiny man-made lake. This is an excellent hotspot to grab an iced coffee of matcha latte (which I can highly recommend) and take a seat along the little lake. Preferably on the sun deck at the waterfront or in the tree house that even has a slide down. At times No. 39 Cafe organizes little markets where locals sell vintage items and other fun souvenirs.

No. 39 Cafe Chiang Mai


Overstand is the perfect spot to start your day with a fresh cup of coffee and a simple but delicious breakfast. Overstand has been named 'Best Breakfast in Chiang Mai' for three years in a row and they didn't lie! Take a seat in the morning sun with a shot of espresso and enjoy the bustling and vibrant streets of Chiang Mai! 

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Lisa van Huygevoort

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