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5x Food platters to share in Rotterdam!

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There's no other way to create as much connection, fun and conversation at the table as sharing a food platter. After all: staring at the screen of your phone is not an option, because before you know it, all the yummy food is grabbed away from you. Of course, you can opt for a traditional one, but it becomes more surprising and also much more talked-about with these platters. Enjoy your meal!


Korte Hoogstraat 14 | This is what we call the best of both worlds. Or are there three? Anyway, the snack platter of Backyard takes you on a culinary journey to the Arab world (nuggets of chickpeas, flatbread, muhamarra, hummus) Mexico (nachos, salsa, guacamole, sweet potato chips) and Thailand (sriracha mayo). Great to combine with a vegan beer or a fresh cocktail. To make an end, once and for all, to the thought that 'vegan' cannot be versatile, surprising and tasty. €18,95 (for 2-4 people).

Aloha – Golden Platter 

Maasboulevard 100 | This 'golden' platter on the lunch menu of Rotterdam's most tropical spot promises to be great. And let this be exactly what is it. Come with an empty stomach, so that there is plenty of room for soup, oyster mushroom bitterballs, thinly sliced rib-eye, bean mummus, cauliflower nuggets, haddock ceviche, cubes of Booij ripened cheese, pesto and crunchy bread. If they forgot to serve the coffee mayonnaise, be sure to ask for it. To-die-for. €15,- pp.

Healthful Rotterdam – Fruit Plank 

Spaansepoort 77 | Getting your daily needs for vitamins and minerals in a beautiful way, how does that sound? For the - undoubtedly - most healthy and colourful platter in Rotterdam, you need to visit Healthful. And as with all dishes served by this ultimate healthy hotspot, this fruit salad 'next level' not only makes your body, but also your eyes very happy. Almost too good to eat this!  Almost...

 €5,50 pp.

De Huismeester – Pinxtos Plank

Meent 115 | With pinxtos as Signature Dish, De Huismeester has turned the more chic bread tapa into true art. In presentation, but also in (taste) combination. How delicious does the pinxto 'Peer Gorgonzola' sound, with stewed pear, Licor43, gorgonzola and pistachio? Or is 'Atun Mojama' with dried tuna, tuna salad and chilli something you like? You and your table mates can put together the plate here all by yourself. And that sounds more fun than it is, because you actually want all of them.

De Gele Kanarie – DGK PLATTER (XL) 

Goudsesingel 284 | Hurry to the corner of the Goudsesingel and the Mariniersweg! At least, if you're up for a lot of beer and food fun. With chorizo croquettes, Sicilian olives, mini empadanas and beetroot and Angus burgers, the DGK Platter XL is one of the best. Take a nice beer (tip: the brews from the DGK brewery), and go home (while singing) when De Kanarie closes the doors of his cage. Not earlier! €25,-/€45,-


Anouk Goedegebuur

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