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5x Hotspots for good coffee in Budapest

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We really like a good cup of coffee, comfort, caffeine, brew. Well, you get the point. So even when we were in Budapest last summer, we had to look for the perfect espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. These are our favorite spots!

Budapest Baristas

Múzeum krt. 15 | We are hotspotters, so after some research we found out that our apartment was located near Budapest Baristas. So that's where we needed to go! At this specialty coffee shop, coffee comes from the best Hungarian mikro roaster, Casino Mocca, and from the world's best coffee roaster: the Danish The Coffee Collective. So, that was really tasty, especially next to one of their breakfast dishes. What do you think of scrambled eggs, a croque madame, avo-toast or sweet potato toast with avocado cream, fried egg and bacon? Yes, this place is a must!

Budapest Baristas


Múzeum krt. 5 | On to Fekete just down the street, because I had seen very nice pictures of the courtyard there! Fekete - 'black' in Hungarian - is a small, cute and somewhat hidden coffee bar. Near metro station Astoria by the way. Walk through the buildings to their fine courtyard - see the photo above this article - where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee in peace. Hungry? You are also in the right place for a hearty breakfast, a tasty lunch or a delicious piece of cake. Think of, among other things, croissants, shakshuka, granola and croque monsieurs!

Fekete Budapest


Károly krt. 22 | Budapest is a bit known for its really cute courtyards and also the new wave café Kontakt is located in one. A coffee bar with a minimalist interior, bearded staff and great coffee, very hipster-ish. Milk in your 'drip coffee' or sugar is not done here, because their aromatic coffee flavors speak for themselves! They say YES to good coffee. And don't forget to have a nice chat with the staff, because I think they really like that here.

Kontakt Budapest

My Little Melbourne

Madách Imre út 3 | In a side street of the bustling Károly krt you will find the small coffee bar - but with a spacious terrace - My Little Melbourne. You might have expected it, but this spot is indeed inspired by (a memorable trip to) Melbourne, Australia. The café focuses mainly on classic espresso (nothing beats a good old espresso) and we can also fully agree with their motto: "Life is too short for bad coffee". Besides the fact that you can get your caffeine fix here, juices, cakes, salads and sandwiches are also on the menu. Another great place!

My Little Melbourne BudapestMy Little Melbourne Budapest

mesterbike & coffee project

Mester u. 11 | As a traveler you may not need a bicycle repairer, but still. mesterbike & coffee project combines this craft with a coffee bar. Yes really, on one side you can have your bike repaired, on the other side of the room you can order top quality coffee (with something delicious to eat). This spot is a bit out of the center of Budapest, but it is certainly worthwhile to walk there, or cycle, of course.

mesterbike & coffee project Budapest


Kirsten Jordan

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Kontakt Budapest

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