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Fries for lunch, fries for dinner, everybody loves to eat fries once in a while when in the city. It’s one of the most populair dishes in the country. But what are the places to get the best chips in Rotterdam? That’s a question many people ask themselves, so that’s why this time we are telling you some of our favorites.
Rechtstreex (Veerlaan 19D)
In Katendrecht, there are a lot of nice places to enjoy yourself. But not many people know that you can get yourself some nice biological fries at the Fenix Food Factory. At Rechtstreex, they fry the chips, that are made from local potatoes, until they are golden brown. So that they are very crunchy with a nice bite. You won’t find any mushy fries here. The dips that you can choose from are mayonaise, ketchup and mayonaise with truffel, all made of local products. So although you are eating unhealthy, it’s not that bad.

Pomms (Coolsingel 107-B)
The little shop with the swings, next to De Bijenkorf. They are specialized in fries and that shows. The homemade chips are deliciously fried and they still have a little bit of skin on them, which makes them crunchy. The homemade mayonaise tastes a bit sour like in France, because it’s made of agave syrup (but it’s gluten free!). If you want a snack with your fries, you really need to try the special bitterballs. You won’t regret it.

Tante Nel (Pannekoekstraat 53)
Are you craving for a bigger dish with fries? Then Tante Nel is the place to be. Don’t you worry, they do have normal fries with ketchup and mayonaise, but they also have some delicious specials in store as well. How about some fries with beefsteak and truffle mayonaise? All homemade and with Frans Limousin beef. Or try the chips with tzar caviar and a homemade sauce with creme fraise, a boiled egg and chives! At Tante Nel they have comfort fries, perfect to eat during those rainy autumn and cold winter days. It tastes even better with a good gin and tonic on the side.

Frietboutique (Witte de witstraat 68a)
Sometimes you are staring at the menu for hours, because you can’t choose between all the good things. Well Frietboutique is one of those places where that happens. I can hear you think: “But they only have fries?”. No, you got to have a nice dip with those chips. Here they have a lot of good sauces, like spicy mayonaise or their 1001 night sauce. They also have delicious snacks like truffle croquets to go with your fries. Makes it even harder to choose!

Bram Ladage (Binnenwegplein 24)
Since 1967, Bram Ladage is well known in the city. Every inhabitant of Rotterdam has eaten fries at this iconic fries maker, maybe even more than once in their lives. The funny thing is that everybody finds it normal that you can eat at Bram Ladage. They even take it for granted. But there is some true craftsmanship behind these fries, that only few notice. Every chip from Bram is homemade! Everyday, the fresh potatoes are delivered and cut into the famous fries. So the next time you order chips with mayonaise, take a moment and enjoy real Rotterdam fries.


Rob Saathoff

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