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5x The best cheesecakes in Rotterdam, look no further!

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In a city also known as Manhattan on the Maas, you can assume that you can eat mouthwatering cheesecake there. Yes, right? There's plenty to offer, so it took some time to find the very best. Here they are!

Maak | Cheesecake Butterscotch-Pecan

Something to celebrate? Well, this cheesecake is a party in itself! Prepare for a crunchy bottom, a creamy filling with pieces of pecan and caramel and a layer of soft butterscotch. Made with lots of love, without artificial colors and flavors. And yes, that means that you can not wait to long to eat this cake, but that's definitely a good thing. Right? | €22,-

Round&Round | Matcha Cheesecake

We like to visit Round&Round for the beautiful cakerolls, but even better for the delicious cheesecake with the well-known Japanese green tea! Think: airy, creamy matcha 'cheese' and a delicious matcha cake as a bottom. And for those who like to stay healthy: this Matcha Cheesecake is less sweet than the average cheesecake, and with just one piece you'll instantly get enough antioxidants for probably a week. | €28,20

Cheesecake Round and Round

Coffeelicious | Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Suddenly it was there: the caramel-sea salt combination. These days used in almost everything, but there is only one thing left that really makes our hearts jump: the Salted Caramel Cheesecake from Coffeelicious. And it's not just the gooey salted caramel layer that makes this cake fantastic. The crunchy, super thick bottom of this cake is unbeatable! | €38,50

Cheesecake Coffeelicious

Koekela | Kersen Cheesecake

Philadelphia cream cheese, cherry compote and a hint of lemon. Nothing special about this cheesecake, you might think. The 'secret', however, is in the bottom. No Bastogne biscuits or speculaas, but the only truly irresistible, homemade Koekela biscuits are at the basis of this bestseller. And because we've never managed to get the cake home intact before, we prefer to eat it a la minute in the Koekela café. We don't want to wait until we're home at all. | €26,75

Cheesecake Koekela

Urban Bakery | Cheesecake met witte chocolade en cassis

Among all the baking that this city bakery takes out of the oven every day, there's a chance that it's this cake with cream cheese and white chocolate (talking about a match) that grabs your attention. And it won't loose your attention until you have licked the last bit of the creamy mass from your plate. Sweet, soft, super creamy and refreshing because of the blackcurrant berries. And with two own locations and several Rotterdam restaurants in the fan base, this one is never far away from you! | €17,45 


Anouk Goedegebuur

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