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5x the best 'oliebollen' of Rotterdam

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They can not be missed in your New Year’s experience: ‘oliebollen’ (deep-fried dough balls). If you’re unlucky the baker in your area just throws some batter into the frying pan, while there are also stalls where true art is made. The HTSPT editors jumped on the bike to try every oliebollen stall and selected the best ones for you!
Hollandse Gebakkraam
We start at the Eendrachtsplein, right in the center of Rotterdam. De Hollandse Gebakkraam (The Dutch Cake Stall) is located next to our favorite gnome: the Butt Plug Gnome. A tasty dough ball (you pay one euro), a very friendly baker and a cozy location. What more do we want?

Oliebollenkraam Van Griensven
We think the best oliebollen in town can be found at the Bergse Dorpsstraat in Hillegersberg (yes, it’s a little further away.. but it’s worth it!). Sweet, hot, crispy and delicious. May we have a another one, and uh.. one more? Again, it’ll only cost you one euro.

De IJssalon (West-Kruiskade)
Oliebollen at an ice cream shop? Well, why not! Of course we are not the worst and took a nice cone with two scoops of ice cream as well. The oliebol (95 cents) was not the best one we had (a little dry), but combined with the ice cream and the location we are still very satisfied.

Rotterdamse Oliebollenkraam of the Familie Smit
Last year the family Smit scored high in the AD oliebollen test and we don’t think that’s crazy. These bakers are not just putting raisins in the one Euro oliebollen, but also love. So, extra points for the friendly bakers. Oh, you will find them in the South of Rotterdam at the Beijerlandselaan. Right next to the tram stop!

Gebakkraam Richard Visser
And last but not least: Richard Visser, the oliebollen boss of Rotterdam. This guy knows how to bake the classic and for his oliebollen you’ll definitely return. Even our Kirsten, anti-oliebol, tried one of his baked goods. The stall can be found opposite tram stop Vierambachtsstraat, which is pretty useful if you have some long ‘RET-minutes’ ahead of you.

Bon appetit!


Daphna Nijsse

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