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6x Holiday season shopping in Haarlem!

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Christmas is around the corner! Traditionally time for family and friends, lights, food, even more food and gifts. So many people, so many wishes. Prepare yourself for some shopping, and give a gift that doesn't end up in the garbage this year. Your loved ones will appreciate it. How then? Just go shopping in Haarlem! Because in this beautiful city you’ll score the ultimate Christmas gifts!

For the fashion fanatic: Olivia&Kate

Anegang 48 | No item from candy store Oliva&Kate leaves the (female) fashionista indifferent. The on-trend clothing, beautiful jewelry and amazing (interior) accessories from this boutique are the perfect Christmas gifts. Do you necessarily want to give a wardrobe update as a gift, but are you in doubt about the right size? No need! There are plenty of one-size-fits-alls.
For the interior junk: Home Stock
Drossestraat 16-22 | If you give this Christmas a (or two, why not?) items from Home Stock as a gift, the interior junk will definitely be happy! This store is bursting with cool new and handpicked vintage furniture, beautiful rugs, special lamps, kitchen stuff and countless home accessories. Home Stock now has locations in several cities, but the shop in Haarlem (the city where the Home Stock adventure started in 2014) is secretly the best one.

For the tea freak: Tea my Dear

Kleine Houtstraat 16 | The fussy image of tea is disappearing completely. Tea is rightly(!) very hot nowadays. Of course you can’t surprise your dearest tea freak with tea bags from the local supermarket, but you have to get some quality tea. At tea boutique Tea My Dear In the Kleine Houtstraat, you can find a large assortment of special tea from the Parisian teahouse Betjeman & Barton. 'Il était une Fois Noël', for example. This delicious Christmas tea, perfumed with almonds, apple, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger tastes like Christmas Stollen. Wrap it up in a nice tin and go!

Tea My Dear Haarlem
For the foodfreak: STACH
Gedempte Oude Gracht 80A | Wines, beers, craft chips, crispy granola, energy bars, macaroons, huge meringues, jam and STACH (vegan) chocolate; this grocer 3.0 knows what's tasty! The delicious assortment is so wide that you will find here a gift for both the healthy foodie and the ultimate burgundian. Create a custom-made package or make it yourself easy and choose one of the three Christmas baskets, carefully composed by the STACH-Christmas queen.

For the fairfan: De wereld van Jansje

Grote Houtstraat 45 | With special employees and products that really make the world a little bit more beautiful, De wereld van Jansje conquers everyone's heart. The collection of products consists of beautiful home accessories, jewelry, books, cards and other fine gadgets. Everything is also fully socially responsible designed and produced. Nice to give, perhaps even better to receive.

De Wereld van Jansje Haarlem
For the explorer: Sûr Atelier
Gedempte Oude Gracht 87 | Looking for a gift with a worldly character? The products of Sûr Atelier take every wanderluster indirectly on a world trip! How does that work? In the studio in Haarlem, all clothing, bags and home items are handmade by Nieuwe Nederlanders, the term for very talented craftsmen from a refugee country. And does the lucky recipient of your gift want to know who’s behind that great thing? This special concept makes it possible to meet the maker personally in the shop. How cool!  


Anouk Goedegebuur

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