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A trip to Haarlem is always a good idea. Spectacular concept stores, characteristic courtyards and special boutiques; in this city you won't get bored for a moment. Even with the lovely coffee bars and restaurants you'll be busy for a while. Do you only have one day to discover the city Haarlem? Then treat your taste buds at these addresses, and return home satisfied. Or not?

Kickstart at Café Martinus

Heavy head in the morning? Give yourself the time to dream away for a while at the amazing interior of Café Martinus. With options like Breakfast tacos, Pêche melba waffles and Ricotta-orange hotcakes, that won’t be a problem. And believe it or not: the majority of the dishes here are very healthy!

Energy boost at MICA

Fika time! You do not have to explain MICA anything more about this fine Scandinavian tradition. Like no other, this cozy spot knows how good coffee and cake should taste. Sometimes healthy, sometimes 'the real deal', but always homemade and mostly vegan plus gluten free. Moreover, the serene atmosphere at MICA is perfect to create an o-so-important moment of rest for yourself.


Do lunch at Bar Wolkers

No fuss at the popular Bar Wolkers. Just a simple, but fantastic lunch menu. Thick slices of country bread (whether or not transformed in the grill into grilled cheese sandwiches), a salad or a warm bowl of soup. Enjoy all of it while looking out on the babbling water of Het Spaarne or the open kitchen. Not surprisingly, Wolkers has been a very popular spot among Haarlem locals for years.

Beat the afternoon slump at Fortuyn

The well known afternoon slump has no chance for those who decide to join Fortuyn around the clock of 4PM. Thanks to the non-standard snack menu, on which they lift 'standard' snacks to an unprecedented level. Talking about standards; Fortuyn's standards are high anyway. No ordinary bitterballs, but organic bitterballs from De Bourgondiër with Zaanse mustard. And snow crab. And boquerones. And chicken-tatsuta. And...

DNNR at Frenchie  

Combining French, Asian and Latin American cuisine turns out to be a match made in heaven. Well, actually, all of Frenchie is heavenly. At this beautiful place – where it's not about seeing and being seen, but about the power to be yourself completely – you’ll be surprised with healthy, fresh and funky spicy food. Think of dishes like Coquille with cauliflower masala crème and Veggie 'Ceviche' with kalamansi streetcorn. Indeed; choosing what you are going to eat is no sinecure. Fortunately, there is the monthly changing 'Best of Frenchie' menu, with (you'll never guess!) the best the chef and the season has to offer at that moment.

Sipping cocktails at Bar Wigbolt

And we're not going home yet! No, not without first sipping on a cocktail at Bar Wigbolt. With creations such as Haarlem Mule, Smokey Espresso Old Fashioned and The Last Word, the drinks menu is quite groundbreaking. The latter consists of Hooghoudt Oude Jenever, Chartreuse Verte, Luxardo Maraschino and lime juice (a whole mouth full). Do you prefer to play it safe? There is a good chance that the bartenders will also be able to shake or stir your favorite cocktail.

Sleepover Party at Hello I'm Local

We don't returm home at all. Chances are that you like Haarlem so much that it is (because of the alcohol in your blood) too dangerous to drive home. Be prepared and book a room at Hello I'm Local in advance! In this boutique hostel, you can sleep in one of the twelve unique themed rooms. Each with its own name and one even more special than the other. For example, there is a swing in the 'Klederdracht' room and a retro box bed in ‘Ondergeschoven Kindje’. Hello dream room!

VOC room


Anouk Goedegebuur

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