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Cleaning, decluttering, organizing. Words you hear more and more often and very honestly: I am also guilty of this and proud to walk full trash bags of unnecessary luxury to the containers every week. Then you suddenly realize how much you've gathered around you in your life. Another emerging phenomenon in minimalism are the tiny houses and oh, I really wanted to check that out!
I was therefore incredibly happy when Ruden and I were invited to 'live' in a tiny house for a whole midweek. The Tiny House Movement promotes a simpler but more meaningful life and I fully agree with that. The motto is therefore: "Less house, more life." Since 2017 you can find these small, sustainable (!) houses at various 'Droomparken' (dream parks) throughout the Netherlands and we chose to go to Droompark Maasduinen in Belfeld, Limburg.

Tiny Houses DroomparkenTiny Houses Droomparken
I had already looked at the beautiful pictures of the houses on Instagram (with heart eyes) and we were absolutely not disappointed when we arrived at house 402. Our tiny house was situated in a cozy group of five, with a shared hot tub and a campfire. We were lucky - or unlucky? - enough to have no tiny neighbors for almost the entire week, so we had a kind of small private village in the middle of the large Droompark.

Tiny Houses DroomparkenTiny Houses Droomparken
You have houses for two and four people at the Droomparken, but we went to Maasduinen together, so we got a house for two. The cottages are smart and tastefully decorated with many natural influences and fully equipped: a sofa, TV, stove (both wood-burning and electric), a small table that can be used as a desk or dining table, a kitchen with cooking area and the standard necessities, a coffee machine (hello!), a combi-microwave and of course a shower and toilet. To sleep, you go upstairs, where you can see the stars from your bed, through the skylight, all night (note: you can not stand on this floor)! Small, but so cozy!

Tiny Houses DroomparkenTiny Houses Droomparken
On day one we wanted to jump straight into the hot tub, but after some stumbling in the dark, Ruden found out that he did not succeed in getting the tub stoked to a pleasant temperature. Fortunately, you can just send a Whatsapp to the reception for help and we agreed that the next day they would ensure that the tub would be about 38 degrees warm at 7 o'clock. And yes, we saw them working on it all day long and it was on temperature at 7 o'clock exactly. We waited a little too long to get in, which we better shouldn't have, because the temperature is rising very quickly and suddenly we were in a bath of about 48 degrees. I can tell you; that is not nice. So we had to paddle the colder water from the bottom up. ;)

Tiny Houses Droomparken
'Unfortunately' it was just a weekday for us (we also have weekday weekends, it's the entrepreneur life), so we had to get some work done. It was already October, but as you know, the summer lasted a little longer than normal this year. And so we could sit outside on our terrace with the laptop on our lap.

Tiny Houses DroomparkenTiny Houses Droomparken
By the time it gets fresh you just throw some blocks on the fire in the wood stove, open a bottle of wine, sit back and relax. And if you do have neighbors, then it is an absolute must to make a cozy campfire together. I love that atmosphere!

Tiny Houses DroomparkenTiny Houses Droomparken
So, we had to do a lot of work, but there's really enough to do here. The park is located in the middle of nature, you have several nature reserves nearby, but even on the park you already have a small beach. That's certainly enjoyable with a bit of sunshine and so that is what we've done on our last day here! If it is slightly cooler during your stay, there is also a indoor, small but nice pool.

Tiny Houses Droomparken
Hungry? Then you can of course go to the brasserie for a delicious dish, but you can also roll up your sleeves and cook something tasty in your house. The Droompark is also close to Venlo and the border of Germany, so during your stay, pay a visit to this city or our eastern neighbors!

Tiny Houses Droomparken
And believe me, after such a minimalistic midweek in a small house you have more overview, clarity, peace and focus in your head. And don't we all want that?


Kirsten Jordan

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