Timișoara, Roemenië

A one-day city trip to the Romanian Timişoara

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If I used to think about Romania, I had a certain idea about it. Well, I really could not have been more wrong. At least, if we are talking about Timişoara and surroundings. This city is also known as Little Vienna and we fell in love in just one full day.
The special architecture, beautiful squares, many colors, styles and sights make Timişoara the perfect city for a short and affordable (cheap!) city trip. For those who are already convinced and want to visit 'the city of flowers', we think this is the best way to spend your day in Timi.

Ovride Specialty Coffee

Strada Lucian Blaga 6 | First things first, of course we started the day with coffee. And you should do that at hotspot Ovride Specialty Coffee, because that's the place for coffee lovers and coffee lovers-to-be in this city. They offer recipes based on espresso, and coffee from carefully selected places in Latin America and Africa. We can also certainly recommend this place if you have to do some work during your trip, because it is wonderfully quiet and peaceful (just like the rest of the city).

Ovride Specialty Coffee, TimisoaraOvride Specialty Coffee, Timisoara

Orthodoxe Kathedraal van Timișoara

Bulevardul Regele Ferdinand I | After the daily caffeine fix it is time to discover the city! Do you like culture? Then start at the Orthodox Cathedral: Catedrala Mitropolitană din Timişoara. This one can not to be missed, because the eleven colorful towers of this imposing appearance were already visible from afar. You can walk through it for free, so why not do that?

Orthodox Cathedral Timisoara

Victoria Square

Piata Victoriei | Right in front of the cathedral you will find one of the special squares Timişoara has, Victoria Square. Surrounded by baroque buildings, a lot of restaurants and the Opera House, I think this is the most fun square in the city. We loved to sit here on a bench and watch people. Just enjoy and be in the moment (and look below how happy that made me!).

Piata Victoriei TimisoaraPiata Victoriei Timisoara

Freedom Square

Piata Libertatii | A little further you will reach Freedom Square. Slightly less prestigious than the aforementioned square, but one of the oldest in the city with several historic buildings and monuments. Just stop by, now you're there. ;)
 Piata Libertatii Timisoara


Strada Francesco Griselini 2 | Time for lunch! This restaurant may not be a real hotspot (it really has an Eastern-bloc interior), but it is fully vegetarian and they have delicious dishes. That is also worth something, right?

Union Square

Piata Unirii | Union Square must be our favorite square, check out all those colors! We spent about an hour making photos here, we couldn't get enough of it. The square is named after the two churches that are built opposite each other, on one side you will find the Serbian orthodox cathedral and on the other side the Roman Catholic cathedral: a 'union'. You also have a number of terraces from where you can admire the square, perfect for dinner or a drink!

Union Square (Piata Unirii) Timisoara
Parcul Rozelor
Academician Alexandru Borza Street | If you've got a few more hours to kill, then go to the romantic Roses Park (especially recommended in spring and summer) or rent a boat and sail over the river Bega. That is very affordable ánd fun.


Strada Mărășești 14 | Is the day almost coming to an end? Then we can only recommend our favorite bar in Timişoara: Aethernativ. This funky bar with alternative vibes and courtyard is somewhat hidden and you would rather expect in a city like Berlin. We have met so many nice people here, that we had a great way to finish our very short trip. With wine and exotic beers of course!

Aethernativ Timisoara
And, are you already checking your agenda to plan a city trip? Here, you can check the flight offer at KLM!


Kirsten Jordan

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Ovride Specialty Coffee

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