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At ANNA Pancakes in Utrecht you'll get works of art on your plate!

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We all know a pancake when we see one, but when we talk about ANNA's pancakes, we better talk about artworks! We were served with such beautiful dishes here, that there had to be a story behind it. And that turned out to be true!
September 2018, Anna and her boyfriend Remco opened this beautiful place in Utrecht and we were really curious about what kind of special pancakes they had to offer. This whole story starts with Anna's upbringing. Anna is from Lithuania and her mother often baked pancakes for her with fruits she obtained from the forest they lived in. The concept of ANNA is therefore also based on natural ingredients and high quality, we have rarely gone home so satisfied!

ANNA Pancakes UtrechtANNA Pancakes Utrecht
I dare to claim that you get more than you expect and better than you've ever tasted at ANNA. Anna loves precision, she can taste it when there is too much or too little of something in the batter. Her dishes are always richly filled with organic toppings and very tasty. These are the American pancakes that you can not get in the Netherlands and that with a Lithuanian recipe!

ANNA Pancakes UtrechtANNA Pancakes Utrecht
But not only the dishes have been thought through very well. The drinks are great too. For example, they only serve non-alcoholic drinks, but they can provide you with an extensive range. They have much more besides the cold drinks. They have a great barista who makes the best coffee, makes the most beautiful latte art in your cappuccino and she really made a party of my Chai Tea Latte!

ANNA Pancakes UtrechtANNA Pancakes Utrecht
After all this great discoveries about the dishes and drinks, there is more! In order to experience the ambiance from Lithuania, they have imitated a Lithuanian forest in their restaurant. For example, they have used natural elements and even a moss wall has been created. So, in the middle of Utrecht, you can relax here. Even if you bring your child(ren), because they made a playhouse for them that reminds us of a beautiful tree house in Lithuania.

ANNA Pancakes UtrechtIt looks beautiful inside, but they also have a nice terrace. So, in the middle of the center, they have a beautiful restaurant, the tastiest pancakes, a spacious terrace, child-friendly possibilities and the ambiance is also really good. We can assure you; you will enjoy ANNA Pancakes in all possible ways! Here you can taste and experience everything from nature, in the middle of Utrecht!


Nicole van Nunen

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