Benji’s: the urban jungle on Wibautstraat

Benji’s Amsterdam: the urban jungle on the Wibautstraat

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“A little bit of Bali on the Wibautstraat,” that was the vision of the founders of Benji’s in 2016. And they absolutely succeeded, if you ask me. Their delicious smoothiebowls, colourful lunch plates and interior full of plants reminds me of my last vacation in Bali, the most beautiful island on earth.
And that’s something I really like during these cold ass winter days. On a rainy Thursday afternoon I walked into Benji’s. As I closed the door behind me, there was nothing left of the cold atmosphere outside. The happy tunes, chatting people and colourful interior immediately cheered me up.

Benji's Amsterdam
That interior was created in collaboration with Inddebt Studio, a group of young artists in Amsterdam. Although Benji’s initially looks like a mishmash of steel, concrete and green, all the details have been thought of. From the processed wood for the tables to the steel tubes on the ceiling.

Benji's plants
That way they transformed the beautiful building with high ceiling and big windows into an urban jungle, with a perfect combination of industrial and tropical ambiances. The huge amount of plants, colourful posters on the wall and furniture with a vintage touch make Benji’s a lunch spot with nothing but relaxed vibes. All of that in the middle of the always busy Wibautstraat.

Benji's ceiling
Not only the chill vibes but also their delicious food makes Benji's different from other lunch places in Amsterdam. 
"Of course you can sell bread and put some avocado on it, but we really try to pay attention to how we present the food to our costumers,” the manager tells me. Something I can tell the minute my food gets served.

Benji's food
My colourful smoothiebowl has everything: good taste and good looks. Just like the avocado toast with salmon we ordered. Which is extra special because of the fact that the soy sauce is served in the middle of the hole of the avocado pit. Like I said: they've thought of every detail.

Benji's avocado
By the way, it wasn’t very easy for us to choose our food from the menu. As many plants as Benji’s has in their store, as many choices they have on their menu. Smoothiebowls, eggs, sandwiches and healthy salads: there’s something for everybody. There’s also a really good choice for the sweet tooth: the 'suger waffles' Benji's has on the menu are finger licking good.

Benji's sweetsBenji's cosy corner
Not in the mood for lunch? No problem. Strike down on one of the comfortable couches with a nice cup of coffee or fresh tea and you're good for the rest of the afternoon. Benji’s is also the right place for a 'vrijmibo' (afternoon drinks). Prosecco, mimosas and Bobby's gin: they’re all on the drinks menu. In short, there’s always a reason to stop at the urban jungle on the Wibautstraat.


Pamela Conner

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Benji's Amsterdam

Benji's Amsterdam

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