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Breakfast or lunch at Rotterdam Katendrecht? Go to Kate's!

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This spring, Kate opened her doors at the Deliplein and Katendrecht welcomed this new spot for a nice breakfast, surprising lunch and good coffee with open arms. Add nice workspaces, a relaxed atmosphere and a small supermarket with original products and you understand that Kate was an instant hit with both the locals of Katendrecht and the rest of Rotterdam. As Deliplein is one of our favourite places in Rotterdam, we were happy to cross the Erasmus bridge to meet its newest hotspot.
Where Kate recently opened its doors, we used to find Zeeuwse Meisjes with a similar concept of a breakfast, lunch and coffee bar with a small food market. The three Katendrecht owners of Kate had been playing with the idea for a similar concept. So when the building became vacant after the departure of the Zeeuwse Meisjes, the three men immediately decided that this was an excellent opportunity for their plan.

But wait: three gentlemen, who is Kate then? The owners simply liked the sound of 'Kate' and the name is a small nod to the first letters of Katendrecht. Kate is absolutely a spot for and by the Katendrecht neighborhood. Not just the owners, but the architect and carpenter are locals as well.

On an autumn Friday afternoon we cycle to the Deliplein to join Kate for lunch. Upon entering we immediately notice how light the place is, despite the gray weather and the small building. We like! Our eyes immediately catch the real eye-catcher of the spot: the colorful food market, next to the staircase to the upper part of the store. Coffee, pasta, tea, chips, peanut butter, juices.. the little shop is bursting with great products!

The tables to have breakfast, lunch or coffee on are located at the front by the large window and in the upper part above the food market. Tip: these are also ideal places to open your laptop; almost all tables have electrical sockets! For good light for the food photos we look for a table near the large window and order a coffee of Hopper Beans and fresh mint tea.

After a look at the menu, we know immediately what we would like to have for lunch: the list of ingredients of the two different shaksuka's makes us immediately curious! Unlike in the classic version with egg and tomatoes that we often make, there are ingredients on the menu like smoked yogurt (in the veggie version) and bacon, spinach and pickled mustard (in the 'Berlin' version). We also see this kind of surprising flavor combinations in other dishes. A traditional cheese sandwich for example? That is served with sweet pepper jam at Kate.

We get our shaksuka's - served with a yummy juice - in nice pans. After having first taken the food photos - #thecameraeatsfirst - we enjoy the special flavors. Both shaksuka's have a tasty and surprising twist: the 'Berlin' version is completely different from what we are used to and the smoked yoghurt is a special and delicious addition to the veggie one.

We get curious about the rest of the menu, so we also loved to taste the wide range of 'bars' n cakes' on the menu. The lemon poppy cake is an absolute must. And the temporary Sinterklaas special? With a topping of gingerbread and peanut butter, it is really a reason to make a coffee stop at Kate soon!


Maartje Verheijden

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