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A place with an all day menu full of healthy, homemade and on Australia-based dishes. Sounds like the perfect combination right? That was exactly what the founder and owner of Koala Republic thought. 
Koala Republic is located in the  Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam, an upcoming neighborhood, just like Koala Republic itself. The owner was walking around with the idea of opening a breakfast and lunchspot in Amsterdam and he loves Australia and the atmosphere that can be found there. The atmosphere that is sometimes missing in Amsterdam. And that's the start of Koala Republic, a place with an all day menu full of healthy, homemade and on Australia-based dishes. The atmosphere and the design are exactly as you would expect, relaxed and Insta-proof. There are several places where you can take a seat, from a table in the air to a bench where your feet can relax on a mini swing. This makes Koala Republic a wonderful place to go with your laptop as well.

Koala RepublicKoala Republic
We visit Koala Republic on an early Monday morning and at that moment the restaurant was still quiet and empty, so the table in the air was free. We went upstairs and had a nice overview over the whole restaurant. The Australian vibe is not only reflected in the food and interior, but also definitely in the atmosphere. After an hour, the first people were coming in and the atmosphere got really relaxed. You almost forget that you are in crowded and hectic Amsterdam.

Koala Republic
We start the day with a delicous cup of coffee, because I don't how it works with you, but for me that's a must at the start of the day. The coffee didn't dissapoint, the taste of the beans was delicous and the foam of my cappucciono was just how I like it. 

Koala Republic
Then it was time to satisfy our hunger. We decided to go with the american pancakes with fresh fruit and an avocado sandwich,  but you can also go for a super bowl, eggs or waffles made of quinoa, do I need to say more? The food not only looks delicous and Instagrammable, it tastes even better. I'm not really a sweet tooth and I am always a bit hesitant about eating pancakes, but wow, this was perfect. The portion was just right and the pancakes were so good in flavor, that things like maple syrup are really unnecessarcy. Just like the avocado toast, I never tasted such a soft avocado. 

Koala RepublicKoala RepublicWhen it was time to go, I didn't wanted to leave. I felt at home at the table in the air. So it's clear that I will go back soon to taste all the ohter dishes. 

Koala RepublicKoala Republic
Koala Republic is the perfect place for a delicous breakfast, lunch and coffee. Especcially if you want to take a step outside of the hectic Amsterdam and really want to enjoy the Australian vibe!


Jill Santhuizen

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