Caroline Glasbergen: I really believe in female entrepreneurs. They are definitely going to change the world!

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Female entrepreneur pur sang. But, Caroline Glasbergen is much more than just the brains behind the 100% natural protein products of FITSHE. We talked to this special, perhaps even fascinating, woman.

Protein, isn't that something typical for bodybuilders? What funny that you ask. Because that was certainly my mentality when I started FITSHE. Nowadays almost everyone knows that at the moment you exercise, it is super important to eat or drink something with protein afterwards. This has nothing to do with bodybuilding or extreme sports, but much more with feeding your body with what it needs at that moment.

Caroline Glasbergen
Let's go back in time, could you tell us a little more about the origins of FITSHE? In 2014, the period in which I started developing the FITSHE concept, many women didn’t know what to eat or drink after a workout. Me neither. And that while I really needed sports to get the best out of myself. When at some point my personal trainer asked me what I actually ate after a training session, I reacted somewhat surprised: "Why? Just an apple or something." He told me then that I really had to take something with protein. But first of all, I still wanted to fit through the door (I always thought that protein was only for bodybuilders too) and secondly, I didn’t know any protein products that I would like to take after exercise, purely because of the artificial ingredients. Then the ball actually started to roll and I started to develop a product myself. Something that did make me happy. Something to feed your body instead of filling it. For after a workout, but also just for breakfast or during the day. FITSHE was born!


So, a protein product? Certainly! Meanwhile, the FITSHE range even consists of several protein products that fit my vision. We have a PURE WHEY PROTEIN range, based on biological protein and magnesium from seawater. The ORGANIC VEGANIC PROTEINS, which - unlike most vegan shakes – don’t consist of pea or rice protein, but of a unique combination of protein from beans, pumpkin and hemp seeds. And of course the FITSHE bars, which are actually the healthy answer to muesli or nut bars that usually contain a lot of sugar. And to the chemical protein bars, which actually taste like cardboard.


You're right, it tastes like cardboard! How special is it that - in contrast to most (vegan) protein products - the FITSHE products do not taste like cardboard or chalk! What is the secret? The search for ingredients from nature that you might not link directly to protein shakes or bars is my starting point from the very beginning. Apart from the sources of protein I have chosen, the flavours of FITSHE products come from very powerful, natural flavourings such as real fruit, vanilla seeds and various spices. The Vegan Dark Chocolate, for example, contains a lot of organic Criollo cocoa. And the bars contain ginger, turmeric and spirulina. Because I use other ingredients than the 'standard', there are no chalk or cardboard-like flavours. Very early in the day, with a clear taste palate, I made and tasted different recipes. Just as long until I had found a taste I thought: yes, this is good!

You're making us really curious. Where can we buy the FITSHE products? In our webshop! But also at a number of large retailers such as AH2GO, Marqt and Vitaminstore. And since a few weeks we are also available at 550 ETOS stores! Super cool!

Caroline Zen

Besides FITSHE, are there other things you are doing at the moment? Absolutely. Personal development is very important to me. Partly because of this I did a retreat in 2015. In silence. Twelve days of silence and all day meditation. Here I learned a lot about myself and what silence can bring. From that moment on I meditate every day, and I’m a yin yoga, breathwork, and meditation teacher now. I aslo coach other female entrepreneurs who want to grow. To help them to come in alignment with themselves. I called it Zentrepreneurship. With Zentrepreneurship I combine my experience as an entrepreneur and with the business life with yoga, meditation and breathwork. At this moment, I combine this coaching with my work for FITSHE.

Talking about a hard worker.. Haha! I can do it both because there's a team working on FITSHE. Actually, I'm getting more and more out of the operation myself, so there is time and space to help other female entrepreneurs. And to give yoga classes on Sundays.

Caroline Work

We can continue this conversation with you for hours! You are ambitious, entrepreneurial and working hard on both of your companies. But, one last question. Caroline, where do you hope to be in three years' time? Beautiful question. With FITSHE there is the ambition to grow even further internationally. In addition, I want to have helped at least 120 female entrepreneurs with scaling themselves and their business. I really, really believe in female entrepreneurs. They are definitely going to change the world!

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