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Do you always choose for easy food full of preservatives, added colourings and flavors, e-numbers, sugars and salt because of your busy life? And do you want to detox quickly before you go on a summer vacation? Then it might be a good idea to do the detox juice treatment of Sappi. We were able to test it in December, but finally our lowdown is here!

Susanna and Boukje, the girls of Sappi, tell us that our digestive system is overloaded and waste products accumulate in the body due to the above additions. This can cause symptoms such as fatigue, obesity, headaches, bad skin or insomnia. Enough reason for us to accept this challenge!


During the juice cleanse, Sasja and I will give our body five (!) days to recover, by quiting our daily diet and completely switching to drinking juices (80% vegetables, 20% fruit) full of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. If you think that's too long, then you can also opt for three days. For the real diehards, there's also the option for seven days. Let's do this!




Before you start the juice cleanse, it's important that you prepare your body so that it is easier to keep up and you don't suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Don't take us for an example, because we didn't follow the received schedule.. but hey, we were in the middle of the month of December. Hence the 'pepernoten' of our trainee on one of the pictures.. ;)

Sappi sapjes

A large box full of juices was delivered on Monday evening (you can also opt for a delivery on Thursday!) at people down the street. Something went wrong with the address, so I immediately had a workout done. ;) The juices went into the fridge and freezer and we were ready!

Tuesday (day 1)

In good spirits, we start with our first juice on Tuesday, delicious! For each day we have received five juices of 330 ml and one shot. All the juices are quite tasty, and although I am not a big eater, I think  much more about food than I normally would. You also have to be very careful, because a few times I almost unwittingly brought some food to my mouth.


Around noon, I get a little headache and nausea, but whether that is a side effect? I'm not sure, it seems a bit fast. All right, we're just going on. You have to drink about 10 glasses of water next to the cleanse, but that's pretty hard. Except after the ginger shot, then you will most definitely drink a liter. Wow! (Note: you have to go to the toilet quite often during this cleanse!)


The later in the day, the more I think about food. All those food photos on Instagram, the tasty sandwiches that are baked in the office. And although I'm not a kitchen princess at all, I can only think of all the good stuff I could have made tonight. Pizza.. pasta.. hamburgers.. Even though I'm actually not hungry, it's more of a mental thing. Eventually I decide to make a bouillon in the evening and eat a tomato, so that I have something to chew on. The last juice of the day tastes like carrot cake and banana bread in one, so you also have a delicious dessert.

Wednesday (day 2)

On Tuesday I feel quite fit and the scale already shows 0.8 kg less. Pretty special for me, normally I can't loose antyhing because of my underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). The first juice is drunk a little earlier than planned, so there's a slight hunger before it's time for the second juice and my energy level drops to 0.0. Fortunately, that's quickly resolved with the next juice!


In the afternoon, the desire for greasy food reappears, but still no hunger. It's more a "It's not allowed, so I want it" problem. Even a simple sandwich with peanut butter has never sounded so good and the juices taste less than on day one.


The spicy juice of today wasn't a favorite for the both of us, it tasted like cold pasta sauce. Because of this we only craved that large plate of pasta even more! But we survived the day again, on to the third.

Sappi sapjesThursday (day 3)

Day three is a bit heavy. I feel tired, have a heavy head and I'm cold all the time. The juices all seem to taste the same and I wonder why I chose five days and not three. The mental game makes you a bit crazy, but I still don't feel hungry!

Friday (day 4)

After a hard day, I try to get back on track in a positive way! My thoughts about food are still all over the place, but doing this is also pretty satisfying. Physically, this day is also a lot better and the 10 glasses of water that we had such a problem with, are exchanged for tea. Goes a lot better and gives a fuller feeling!


Sasja's loses her motivation a bit and we're not really looking forward to the next juice (kale doesn't sound pleasant anymore). We also find that all juices seem to have the same taste, while they have few similarities in terms of ingredients. Crazy! After another heavy shot, we are still very happy with the 'Happy' juice.

Saturday (day 5)

Only one day left, only one day! We're petty happy about that and probably because of this, this last day mentally seems to be easier than the last two days. The juices taste better and I even feel like I could do this for a few more days.


In the evening, I watch the rest of my family eating cheeseburgers and that hurts a bit, but I'm almost allowed to get something like that again! Sasja and I both have a little moment of happiness when we drink our last juice..


“I love sleep because it’s like a time machine to breakfast!”

Sappi Kirsten

The detox should ensure that our digestive organs come to rest, the waste products are removed and the immune system strengthened. Whether this is true? I've no idea. Because of all the fluid, you go to the toilet pretty often, so I can imagine that a lot of stuff has left the body that way.


Have we been hungry? Not really. The confrontation with the eating of others made this whole cleanse the heaviest. Physically it went well aso, we had just a few lesser moments. In addition, after five days I lost 2.3 kg and the days after I feel that I'm much more conscious about eating. Unfortunately, the rest of the month of December ruined that a bit, but I think it's certainly a way to break bad habits and make a start to a healthier lifestyle. Especially mentally, it can really do something with you!


Do you dare to take this cleanse? You can order it here.


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