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Enjoy yourself consciously at Vondelpark3 in Amsterdam!

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If you have ever been to Vondelpark this beautiful building could not have escaped you. I am of course talking about Kitchen & Bar Vondelpark3. This beautiful place is located in the most beautiful park in Amsterdam and you can come here for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner!
We had been to Vondelpark3 several times, because in our opinion they have the most beautiful terrace in Amsterdam! And they are of course located in the heart of Amsterdam with lots of greenery around them! Such a wonderful contrast after a day of shopping and great for relaxing.

Not only the terrace is beautiful, but it is also great inside. It is the living room of 
the Vondelpark and we were immediately welcomed very warmly. This time our
evening would consist of "Conscious Enjoyment" and we couldn't wait to inspect
the menu inspired by the "keto lifestyle". For those who have never heard of it;
that means that dishes are low in carbohydrates and high in proteins and fats.
In other words; ideal dishes to lie on the beach this summer with the perfect
beach body!

And of course we were very curious if these dishes were really delicious. To start with, they were very diverse dishes. From Temting Tempura to Blushy Beefroll, but as a real curry lover I went for the Cauliflower Power. A curry of cauliflower rice, chickpeas, tomato, sweet potato, coconut milk and cashew crumble. And after a wonderfully satisfied feeling I was still curious about what other dishes and because we were with a large group we could share some dishes! Slow Salmon and Tasty Tataki are also highly recommended. And last but not least the Shocking Choco and Creme Brulée dessert! They are all really delicious dishes so we have to go back for the rest of the menu! But after this experience we can now say that the keto lifestyle is perfect!

So this beautiful 19th century Vondelpaviljoen keeps up with the times, you 
can "consciously enjoy" innovative dishes and the atmosphere is fantastic.
We have really enjoyed this evening. And whether you are looking for a perfect
location for a dinner with friends, a business lunch, after a nice walk / jog, a
location for an event or group dinner; everyone is welcome at Vondelpark3!
And from now on you can even reserve for the menu in the evening, you are
always assured of your spot!


Nicole van Nunen

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