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A new hotspot opened in Rotterdam, where you are assured of an evening with culinary highlights. Here you can enjoy delicious Basque flavors in the heart of the city. And for those who do not immediately now what to expect from the Basque cuisine; it comes from the Basque Country, a Spanish region full of culinary dishes and famous flavors.
Owner Dennis Azkaiturrieta made it his mission to introduce the Netherlands to great dishes from the Basque country, where he comes from. Together with Chef Alvaro, he started a project that can now be experienced in Rotterdam. Saves you a plane ticket to Spain and you've still been there a bit!

Euskadi Rotterdam
In this Spanish region, they know what culinary enjoyment is and the hospitality that comes with it is just a bit different than what we are used to. Everywhere has been thought of; from flavors to interior. Euskadi looks, as you can see in the photos, beautiful!

Euskadi RotterdamWe were allowed to enjoy a - yes! - ten-course dinner this evening! While enjoying a delicious cocktail Vermouth Euskadi, we quietly looked at the promising menu. Not much later Alvaro Martinez, of, among others, restaurants Arzak, El Bulli and Martin Berasategui, took us on a trip to Euskadi. We were really curious to get a piece of Michelin level!

Euskadi RotterdamWe started this trip with Croquetas. You can probably assume that those were croquettes, with jamon and gambas, but in case your Basque is as bad as ours, we will translate the following dishes!

We enjoyed the Gilda de Ostra, a delicious oyster. We have undoubtedly never
found this as delicious! Then came a yummy paprika filled with oxtail and an authentic garlic soup. The plate was filled with various amuses and the chef poured the soup over it at the table. We love this kind of creative dishes!

After this Sopa de Ajo we enjoyed dried and salted cod with stew (Bacalao) and stewed beef cheek (Carrilleras) followed by three delicious desserts. Although the cheescake was our favorite, the Txakoli with lemon ice was also very popular and we will also remember the amazing Basque cheeses.

With each course, we were also surprised with a matching wine. Both dish and wine were briefly explained, so you they really make sure your evening will be an experience.

Afterwards we went home satisfied on all levels. Besides the great culinary 
dishes we were also positively surprised by the nice atmosphere, the attention they have for their guests and the rather romantic story behind this beautiful restaurant. The trip to the Basque country is not over yet, we will definitely make it more often. And maybe even in Spain!


Nicole van Nunen

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Euskadi Rotterdam

Euskadi Rotterdam

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