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Exposed! 5x speakeasies in The Netherlands

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It’s December 17th, 1920. On this cold, grim Wednesday evening, you walk through the empty streets of Pennsylvania. You walk past the houses, in a quiet residential area, one by one. You have only been here twice since the law changed..
As you know, the state has suddenly banned the buying and selling of alcohol and now there are only a few bars left under the radar. After walking through the wet snow for half an hour, you arrive at the house. You knock. Three short beats and the person behind the door whispers "password?" You tell him what you have been told and he opens the door. After walking through a few hallways you start to smell the heavy cigar smoke in the distance and you hear some people laughing softly. You have arrived. As you walk in, the bartender whispers to some noisy men "Ssst.. speak easy boys, speak easy."

And that's how the speakeasy bar was born! Speakeasies originated in a time when bars had to exist in secret. Often you came across these bars through your acquaintances and you had to follow a lot of instructions to get in. Now, bars don’t have to hide anymore, so the real speakeasies no longer exist (.. or do they?), but there are many, also in the Netherlands, that use the concept of a speakeasy, so, often you can’t just enter these bars the normal way. These are the speakeasies you should really visit once, but sssssh, don't tell them I told you..


Rotterdam | Have you already received your unique patient number? No? Then you certainly won’t enter Dr. (pronounce as: doctor). This exclusive bar is hidden somewhere in the Scheepvaartskwartier in Rotterdam. The prize-winning bartenders are doctors (with natural white doctor's coats on) and make the tastiest cocktails, uh.. oops, of course, I mean medication, ready for you in no time. When will you make an appointment for your treatment?

Door 74

Amsterdam | As the first speakeasy bar in Amsterdam, Door 74 is no longer a secret. The bar itself is fully furnished as if we were still living in the time that speakeasies were 'normal'. Therefore, in this bar you can expect being served stronger and purer drinks. With a beautiful dark brown and woody interior, it feels like you've made a journey into the past and you can enjoy a scotch neat the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


The Hague | The well-trained specialists at Syndicaat serve such a wide range of cocktails that you could not possibly choose what would be the most delicious. With live jazz music on one side and two beautiful cocktail bars on the other, you will experience an evening that you will never forget. But beware, Syndicaat has drawn up a number of house rules that you absolutely cannot violate! No phone use, no photos with other people on the background and certainly no curse words. Do you think you can handle that? Oh, PS. there was talk of a pool table ...

The Little One Bar

Eindhoven | Like the name already reveals; The Little One Bar is perhaps the smallest and oldest (but also most secret) bar in Eindhoven. Although you don't have a lot of dancing space, there is no better place to enjoy a drink in Eindhoven. The peaceful atmosphere, great music and the nicest bartenders make sure that time just flies by.


Anywhere | "The best secret hideout." This speakeasy bar doesn't really exist, although it does. You choose the location and they appear, dressed up and all. You can't get a better speakeasy feel than this. The speakeasy bar does their best to make it feel like you’re back in the past, as much as possible. Which makes it more of an experience than a night out. But to get in touch with them, you must first figure out how to get into their website. Good luck!


Selina Abraha

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