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The eye also wants something and they have completely understood that at Factory Girl. Factory Girl was originally a Berlin breakfast & lunch concept and since this year has a branch in the middle of Amsterdam's Pijp. A delicious spot where tasty and fresh dishes are served that are also an eye catcher. Power woman and founder Sofia Sözen brings an ode to the vegan food culture with her signature dish "Coco Anjéla" and breathes new life into the concept of "all day breakfast".

Factory Girl Amsterdam

Halfway the Saenredamstraat, a side street of the bustling Ferdinand Bolstraat, you'll find Factory Girl Amsterdam. The modernly furnished shop offers space for around 75 enthusiasts of the extensive (read: choice stress) and especially delicious breakfast & lunch menu. After her first location in Berlin, owner Sofia Sözen chose to open her second location in the capital city of Amsterdam. She now experiences Amsterdam as her second home and says about this: "I'm really in love with this city. Especially the friendly and open minded people make me feel completely at home. Here in Amsterdam I enjoy every second and I have a lot of energy to keep myself busy with the growth and development of Factory Girl."

Coco Anjéla

At Factory Girl they advise you to start your breakfast or lunch with the addictively delicious dessert "Coco Anjéla". This guilt-free and completely vegan treat is available at Factory Girl all day and is incredibly tasty. The vegetable cream that serves as a base is sweetened with vanilla extract and a hint of coconut sugar. "Coco Anjéla" is available in many different flavors at Factory Girl. Popular is the pistachio caramel chocolate, but you should definitely not skip the classic banana with chocolate, raspberry with chocolate, pumpkin spice and apple with cinnamon. Are you not so fond of playing safe? Then there are often flavors with rum, matcha or avocado available.

About Factory Girl

Factory Girl was founded in 2010 by Sofia D. Sözen and she opened her first branch in the metropolis Berlin. Because her dream became reality and the popularity of Factory Girl increased, she moved to a larger building down town Berlin. After nine very successful years, it was time for expansion and she opened her second location in the heart of Amsterdam. With the interior of Factory Girl Sofia shows well that she stays close to herself. Sofia says: "The interior is a reflection of who I am: a creative and light-hearted Sofia. I like to combine old furniture with self-made accessories. "The varying but also very tasty menu from Factory Girl consists of sweet and savory (non) -guilty dishes such as: poached egg with bacon or bresaola, avocado, Parmesan cheese and caramelized red onion or a vegetarian bruschetta with hummus, avocado and beet spread. Each dish can be supplemented with appropriate extras such as cherry tomato, grilled halloumi and salmon.


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