Comedy Club Haug
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For an evening of unabashed laughter you go to Comedy Club Haug in Rotterdam!

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We usually go to a nice restaurant, a cocktail bar or the cinema for a pleasant evening. But on Friday we were at such a special event, that we really have to share this with you. We have spent hours unabashedly laughing and are still enjoying these sharp and strong jokes.
At first, we did not know very well what to expect. Club Haug, a comedy club in Rotterdam.. That's where we started our weekend.

We both had to work late, so we quickly got in the car to be on time. That was a good idea, the WEENA parking garage was close by and within a five-minute walk we were in front of Club Haug. In the dark street we already saw the illuminated sign of Comedy Club Haug. After scanning our tickets, we stepped through a curtain and were immediately in the Club. It wasn't very big there, we estimate there is room for about 100 people. So you are always very close to the stage.

After ordering a drink we took a seat in the audience. We were very curious if we would really like this. Of course we love comedians, but we don't go there regularly and didn't know these comedians either. Although we will certainly not forget them since this evening!

Tim Hartog was the host of the show. He really just needed three seconds or I could already hear Max - my boyfriend - laughing very loudly. Unfortunately, retelling a joke is never as funny as it is at the moment itself, so let's not even try. And maybe also to protect myself a bit, because this joke could definitely have been about me. Let me also immediately tell you that for such shows you should not be short-sighted, boring or narrow-minded, because then you will be outside within three seconds. Take it mainly with a pinch or kilos of salt, that is best for everyone.

After Tim came Martijn Oosterhuis, he played with big names including 'De Lama's'. Then Teun van den Elzen came and tears rolled down my cheeks with laughter. With the next comedian we got some muscle pain in our stomach and with the last one we really needed an extra drink to give the jokes a place. And of course Tim closed it off great again.

After the show we had a drink and talked about what a great evening it was in the car. It had been a long evening, but the time had really flown by. We will certainly do this more often, because this was so much fun and for a ticket that costs less than twenty euros you are assured of a hilarious evening.

Are you planning to visit Haug soon? With the code ECHTLACHENINHTSPTROTTERDAM you get a 50% discount on admission tickets in the months of March and April. If a evening is sold out, you can try another one!  

Comedy Club Haug, see you soon!


Nicole van Nunen

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