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Gallery61 in The Hague paints with local flavours and colours outside the lines

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Arty, quirky and unique - just like the city where Gallery61 is located. In one of the oldest buildings in The Hague, De Passage, at number 61 - you will find Gallery61 where the chefs decorate their plates with local flavours and tasteful creations - always with an artistic twist (now you know immediately where the name comes from).

Arty, quirky & unique

Feel right at home once you enter the warm but modern interior. Here hospitality and creativity taking the lead. The walls are full of quirky paintings and playful art prints. Picture frames are displayed on the windowsills and frame the view when you look outside from inside. And the menu? You can find it on the painter’s palette! And ... there is even a painting of a chair. Or is it the other way around? After all, you can just “take a seat” Huh? Yeah really!

Gallery61 Den Haag

The Hague Way

Not only does the kitchen cook locally, but behind the bar, they’ll fill your glass with typical “The Hague” drinks. Order a delicious liqueur from Van Kleef, a beer from Kompaan, or a glass of Dutch wine from the Betuwe of the Betuws Wijndomein. Tip: Pair your wine with some nice cheese from Ed Boele - and guess what? - the cheese is from The Hague too!

Local Heroes

Do it nice and local. I can hear you thinking. "But hey, what exactly do you mean by 'local flavours?' and it suppliers from The Hague?" Well, the fresh fish comes directly from the harbour of Scheveningen, the butcher's cows are grazing only a few miles away and the honey comes straight from the beehive located on top of Gallery61’s roof.

Small Bite, the Chicken Caesar Wrap
Caesar salad with grilled chicken, wrapped in fresh, toasted naan bread. Do I need to say more? Tender chicken, soft naan bread combined with a crisp and fresh salad. So simple, yet SO tasteful!

Gallery61 Den Haag
The Arty Toast, the Eggs Benedict edition
This savory breakfast dish has a sweet twist to it, Haagse Eitjes with turkey served on a warm waffle. It’s a perfect all-rounder. Hangover? Eggs Benedict. Just woke up? Eggs Benedict. Fancy a snack that really stills your hunger? You know it!

Gallery61 Den Haag
Small Bite, the Falafel Taco (vegetarian)
Tacos filled with falafel, made from chickpeas and quinoa, with crispy vegetables and a yoghurt sauce with a hint of lemon zest.

The Arty Toast, the Sweet Heaven Hot Dog edition
White bun with VOC herbs, cabbage, lava mayonnaise and crispy potato "confetti". Pair this dish with a sidedish and it will suffice as a complete meal.

Burger Zone, The B
MRIJ burger with Old Hague cheese, red onion, dry-cured bacon, sunny side up egg, topped with a chutney & some pickles on a ciabatta roll. The fries with herbs & mayo cannot be missed. Prefer to swap your fries for something else? Order the roasted cauliflower with hazelnuts and beurre noisette or the green asparagus with cashews and tarragon on the side. YUM

Gallery61 Den Haag

Eat outside the lines

As a breakfast lover, I prefer to have breakfast more often during the day, just because I can. And why would you start your dinner with a starter, if you can also start the evening with a sweet dessert, and then end with the main course... can relate? Then Gallery61 is just the place to be. Every dish can be ordered at any time of the day. So feel free to have breakfast three times a day, start the day with a dessert or order your favorite dish again. And again. Because at Gallery61, feel free to eat outside the lines!


Laure van Rooij

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