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Can we still talk about a trend, or should we speak of a style? Actually it doesn’t matter at all; the urban jungle principle is completely my style! Because: the feeling of the untouched jungle, but then provided with all the city's conveniences. So when a very nice city jungle in Utrecht appeared on my radar, I almost immediately planned a visit. And because I know that you are in the mood for a truckload of plants, all day breakfast and cheerful African vibes too, I take you with me on this adventure. Ok? Let’s go to the Karibu Café!
This adventure starts at the revolving door of LOU Oudenoord, at a fifteen minute walk from the city center. Since the beginning of 2018, this is a place where young, dynamic and creative Utrecht unites to contribute to a solution for abandoned buildings. A good thing, if you ask me. Good, back to Karibu. After all this is the place where this adventure is all about.

Karibu GiraffeIt is that I knew better, otherwise I would really have thought that I had walked into the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi. Karibu Café not only welcomes its guests with lots of greenery, but also with a range of long necked animals. Although painted on the window and in the form of wooden decoration, but that doesn’t spoil the fun. This place is fantastic! What exactly does that mean? Karibu is equipped with a bar, juice bar, workplace for digital nomads, colorful poufs and comfy couches. Huge windows provide beautiful lighting, and even the most picky eaters can find something on the menu that makes them happy. And if not, there is always good coffee. And (vegan) cake.

Karibu Cake
Karibu barAfter having tested all available seats, I decided to situate myself in the Digtal Nomad corner. (I was working, right?) Here you can perfectly hide yourself behind plants and other tropical elements. Believe me: there is no better place to be surprised by the tastiest (breakfast) dishes during working hours. And although I normally dislike surprises, the poached eggs with salmon and avocado I ate here were surprisingly tasty. Big compliments for the chef, who had noticeably put her heart and soul in the eggs.

Karibu EggsAfter I satisfied my hunger, I went to chit-chat with Yentl, te owner of Karibu. Near the kitchen, I saw the most delicious dishes pass by. From the ultra healthy Overnight Oathies and Nourish Bowl, to the slightly-less-healthy-but-totally-worthy Buttermilk Protein Pancakes and Club Sandwich with crispy bacon and curry mayo. All of course freshly prepared and according to the 'eat the rainbow' food trend.

Thanks to the delicious eggs I ate, I leave Karibu cafe with a very cheerful feeling. But I’m also very curious about the monthly vegan pop-up dinners in collaboration with Zoo Sadistic and A&J Bakery, where no egg is involved. Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful place!


Anouk Goedegebuur

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