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Healthy and tasty bites made of organic, vegan, gluten-, lactose- and sugar free ingredients. That's pretty popular nowadays, right? But healthy food is more than just a trend and the roots of Sharp Sharp go years back and take us on a trip to a land far away from here.
Renate and Frank from Sharp Sharp share a huge passion for good food and are both very aware of what good food can do for your health. They also find it very important that the production of the ingredients they work with have the least possible negative effects on the environment. They only use fair trade chocolat for example and also for their other ingredients they choose suppliers who share their mindset.

Sharp Sharp Rotterdam
Renate grew up in a family where food played an important role. Renate's South African mother used spices and other exotic ingredients from her country to make the most delicious food creations. Renate has watched and learned to experiment with special flavor combinations from a very young age. Years later, Sharp Sharp was the result of this, a patisserie where you can eat healthy and tasty food. And, of course the name is South African as well! "Sharp Sharp is what we say in South Africa when we say goodbye, it's like wishing you the best, good luck, we thank you."

Sharp Sharp Rotterdam
And now the most important question: what can you eat here? Sharp Sharp is known for their typical square bites. You can choose from 'no-cheesecakes', like the Pink Powder Forest Fruit or chocolat treats - made with the organic and fair trade pure chocolat that even smells good - like Bananas About Fudge and Rozen Pistachio Brownie. Then there's also the fruit pies, cakes, cookies and bars. If you can't choose - very understandable - then order a plate with little bites in all the different flavors. They're all so good so I think you should just try them all. Of course we must not forget the drinks, you can choose from fruit infused water in different flavors and colors and smoothies with exciting ingredients like kurkuma.

Sharp Sharp Rotterdam
Renate and Frank are both designers and find it not only very important to style the looks and presentation of their products - I mean, the bites are pretty Insta-worthy right? - but they also designed the interior of the patisserie themselves, to make sure this also has a bit the look and feel of South Africa. The pictures don't do it justice, but we absolutely loved the color green on the wall!

Sharp Sharp Rotterdam
Is eating healthy a priority to you or are you a real sweet tooth? It doesn't matter, you can enjoy the food at Sharp Sharp to the max either way. This hotspot is a must visit if you ask me. Not only were the food and drinks very delicious, we also experienced a warm welcome and we love to hear people talk about what they do so passioned. So, take the subway to Rijnhaven and hoppa you are there. And, say hi to Renate and Frank from us, Sharp Sharp! 


Sasja Woutersen

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