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Where traditional meets authenticity and originality, you will find hot dog bar Dogma. If that sounds a bit too abstract for you: you can also simply find them at Voorstraat 17. Just before Christmas, we went to enjoy one of their big hotdogs and were pleasantly surprised by a charitable initiative..
It is a cold day in Utrecht, but Dogma looks cozy. A Large Christmas wreath decorates the door and through the windows you can see lights twinkeling. We are welcomed by co-owner Jeroen in a by then still quiet bar. It is not the first time I come here and Dogma is absolutely one of my top favorites, why? Dogma is centrally located and settles in a typical Utrecht building: centuries old, somewhat crooked and with an own story. The restaurant used to be a butcher's shop, the marble wall and meat hooks in the ceiling characteristically remind you of this. But most importantly, Dogma’s concept is crystal clear and leaves no room for doubt, here you can get authentic hot dogs with a twist. And what is not to love about that?

DogmaAfter a fairly intensive study of the menu we order a 'donderse dogma' and a 'gruwelijk gebed', loosely translated as: gruesome prayer (I told you they were original). Like the names, the composition of the hot dogs is surprising, for example, the hot dog 'gruwelijk gebed' consists of a pork sausage, truffle mayonnaise and parmesan cheese.  That’s not all, because you can find much more on the menu (teriyaki dressing, bruchetta dressing, BBQ sauce? You name it!). The meat they serve comes from a farmer known to them - that keeps the chain transparent. If you do not want to eat meat at all, they also have a vegetarian and even a vegan option.

DogmaMy stomach cheers a little only by the sight of the hot dogs, and the taste does not disappoint. But then again, what do you expect when eating freshly cut fries, bread to own recipe and such generous stuffing.

DogmaWe were happily surprised when Jeroen stopped by with a heart-warming request. He told us that Dogma will organize a Christmas dinner for homeless people that night (by itself a merciful initiative) and hands us two cards with the request to leave a Christmas wish so that they can be handed out at night. Judging by the box filled with handwritten cards he put down in front of us, we are not the only ones who quickly grabbed a pen. Hopefully, it has reached its goal!

DogmaSo yes, we enjoyed Dogma. They are open every day for dinner and from Thursday to Sunday also for lunch. Are you reading this article from your couch, now spontaneously hungry, but is the idea of ​​ getting into the cold going against you a bit? Home delivery is also simply an option. Lucky us! 


Eva Lankhorst

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