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House of Watt Amsterdam East: everything under one roof!

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Whether you come for the variety of workplaces, the local coffee or the old-fashioned lunch combos, at House of Watt - within walking distance from the Amstel Station - you are at the right address.
House of Watt is located in the former Casa 400 hotel in Amsterdam East. And you can see that, because in the building you can still find original elements of the hotel. There are still beams of the hotel lobby and a part of the staircase from that time is visible!

House of Watt
House of Watt

Upon entering, we notice that a lot of wood is used in the interior, which gives House of Watt a warm atmosphere. Despite the large and especially high venue, the atmosphere is cozy and the interior feels homely.

On the left side of the space you will find a large bar and in the middle long tables are set up. In the back, there's a stage with tables and benches, this is the café area where you can go for breakfast and lunch. In case of nice weather - who knows, we might be lucky - you can also move to the outside terrace!

House of Watt
Downstairs you will find the restaurant, where you can have dinner and on the first floor there are a few desks where you can work. We regularly work outside the office and it is always nice to have several addresses where you can get some work done in peace. In addition to regular desks, you can also use the so-called 'desk bikes', so you can exercise during work. If you want to hold meetings or have a party, there are also plenty of options and different spaces available for rent.

House of Watt
You can have a cup of coffee at your laptop, but eating happens in the café. The extensive menu ranges from pancakes, toast and soup to sandwiches, eggs and salads. You can also go for the specialty of the house for lunch; the famous Brisket Burgers. Or you can order 'Watt combos' where you can combine a sandwich and soup or a salad and soup.

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that many ingredients come from local suppliers, such as Kaas (cheese) from Klaas, bread from Floris and coffee and pastries from Rum Baba. All located in Amsterdam East. It was a tough choice, but we went for the breakfast pancakes with pancetta and the brisket burgers with beef, cheddar, onion, green peppers and pickles. Looks good, right?

House of Watt
House of Watt
As mentioned, you can also have dinner at House of Watt. The dinner menu is all about comfort food: "At House of Watt you eat what our chefs would also cook at home, just a little bit fancier".

Children are more than welcome at House of Watt as well. For them, there are more than enough toys (from Duplo to sidewalk chalk) and every Sunday there's a special children's activity (crafts, dancing or theater) organized. Adults do not have to get bored either; every Wednesday evening there is an Old Dutch Game Night and every Monday there are 'The Pub Games', a Pub Quiz variation!

House of Watt
If you are, just like us, looking for a place with nice working spots, great food or a fun activity, House of Watt is definitely worth a visit!


Sjoerd & Mayke

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House of Watt

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