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Indulge your senses at Chocolate boutique Florentina Chocolates in Rotterdam

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In March, the booming Witte de Withstraat has become even more exciting with Florentina Chocolates; Rotterdam's first and only boutique chocolate bar. A beautiful place, where everything is all about ' bean-to-bar chocolate '. Bu you've been warned: it only takes one visit to transform your (early) love for chocolate into a true obsession with the stuff.

Florentina is one of those shops where you immediately become extremely happy. Although the offer is not only chocolate, the special bars (including beautiful packaging), chocolates and homemade chocolate drinks appeal the senses the most. Yes, Florentina Chocolates is quite overwhelming. Don't worry, owner Fleur is there to help you find your way around the world of bean-to-bar chocolate. Because we can hear you thinking: 'If Florentina's chocolate is made from cocoa beans, what about my favourite bar from the supermarket?

Fleur: "The chocolate bars in the supermarket are made with so-called bulk cocoa. This cocoa is imported in large quantities from mainly African countries, processed in large factories and is often bought for a very low price on the world market. The cocoa farmers earn little or no money from this, which unfortunately goes hand in hand with child labour. Furthermore, many chocolate giants are unable to trace the origin of their chocolate, and their main concern is to buy chocolate at the lowest possible price. On the other hand, bean-to-bar, also known as craft chocolate, is all about quality, taste and traceability. The cocoa is produced on small plantations and corporations that are controlled by the farmers/entrepreneurs themselves. As a result, the price and quality of the raw product cocoa, but also of the final bean-to-bar bar, is higher than the chocolate you buy in the supermarket."

Florentina RAAKA

 And that taste.. Once you've tried a piece of craft chocolate, you'll fully understand why it's just this variety that's been keeping Fleur busy for about five years now. Whereas chocolate would usually be sweet, creamy or bitter, craft chocolate is a real adventure for your taste buds.  Nutty, spicy, fruity and even floral; no taste tone is too strange for quality cocoa. And for those of you who have no idea where to start yet, Fleur is able to select a number of bars based on your favourite tea or coffee (preparation) that you'll probably like very much.

Fleur Florentina

The proof is in the pudding. Or, in this case, in the secret tasting tray. With all her love, Fleur takes samples out of this tray, as long as a match is found. And the better you get to know your chocolate taste, the greater the pleasure. So, regular visits to Florentina to discover new chocolates, to do a little tasting and to buy some bars for home is definitely worth it.

Assortiment Florentina

Well, actually, it's not a bad idea to enter Florentina's doorstep anyway. Isn't it for those ridiculously good chocolates, then for Bocca coffee, homemade iced tea, treats and sweets from Once Upon a Cake and original slushes with syrup from CLUB SODA. To enjoy at the bar, or - in case of a sudden rush - on the go. With the emphasis on 'sudden'. Because you can be sure that you will be sweet for a while, once you're in here.

Once upon a cake


Anouk Goedegebuur

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