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LISA is the 'sweet' hotspot close to Rotterdam Ahoy!

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In January, we were invited to come and have a bite to eat at LISA in the South of Rotterdam and we liked it! Especially now that the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is being held in Rotterdam, this is the ideal hotspot near Ahoy to put on your list!
The day started early, because Ruden and I arrived at LISA while it was not open yet (fail), but after walking around on Zuidplein we could enter! The first thing I noticed when I walked in was of course the interior. The restaurant has an industrial design with lots of wood. Beautiful colors, many details and a large number of plants make the place very cozy, despite all the steel.

Lisa Rotterdam zuidLisa Rotterdam zuid

Coffee with Chislaine

After we were kindly greeted by the owner, Chislaine, we were invited to take a seat wherever we wanted. Ruden immediately took out his camera and started shooting images of the cool interior. There are different seating areas: there is a long table where you can sit with a large group of people, but also a cozy corner with low chairs to chill a little. In the wall there are also three cool booths where you can sit a bit separate and of course there are also seats at the bar!

Lisa Rotterdam zuidLisa Rotterdam zuidBecause we arrived early, there were not a lot of people in the restaurant. This gave us the chance to walk around, take photos and drink a coffee with Chislaine, who has a very infectious enthusiasm for this place.

Hummus & salmon

Chislaine described LISA as a place to be at home, but then somewhere else. She gave us a menu and explained that all products they use are always completely fresh. This of course sounded amazing, because fresh usually means tasty and often healthy. She advised us to try the Hummus sandwich or the Oriental Salmon sandwich, and both turned out to be very good!

Lisa Rotterdam zuidLisa Rotterdam zuidAs you can see on the photo, we got these delicious and beautifully prepared dishes. You will not be hungry anymore after a visit to LISA, because both in quality and the size of the portions, you get absolute value for your money.

Colorful burgers

After this lunch we were quite full, but Chislaine had a surprise for us. Something new that they are going to serve: an avocado burger! This burger is completely vegan. The (pink) bread comes from a small bakery in Klundert and the "burger" is made from avocado and chickpeas! Despite the filling lunch, we definitely enjoyed this burger, which also looked really good.

Lisa Rotterdam zuidEspecially for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 there will be several colorful burgers on the menu, reason enough to try some!


After dinner we wondered what LISA actually stands for. Lisa appears to be the daughter of former co-owner Danny! Chislaine told us that they thought the name Lisa would give something sweet to the restaurant, which was designed a little more robustly. In this way it can indeed give people a cozy and homely feeling.

Lisa Rotterdam zuidLisa Rotterdam zuidIn the meantime, many people were already having lunch at the restaurant. A big variety of people; young, old, students, business people and so on. So after seeing how nice the atmosphere here is and how well the staff interact with each other, we soon came to the conclusion that they didn't need a sweet name to still get that reputation.

Lisa Rotterdam zuidSo what is our final opinion? Not only is the restaurant beautiful and the food delicious, but LISA is sweet, for everyone and for every occasion!


Selina Abraha

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LISA Rotterdam

LISA Rotterdam

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