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Is good wine tasty or is tasty wine good? There are different opinions about that. Maud of Blije Wijnen (happy wines) becomes excited when tasty wine is also natural. No additions, just as nature made it. And as far as we know, the store is the first in the Netherlands with only natural wines.
Nice, but what is a natural wine (vin naturel) exactly? An official label doesn’t exist (yet), but in short it is ripening without chemical means, hand picked and no additives. The use of sulfite is also minimized as much as possible. Totally vegan! In addition, the wines are unfiltered and not cleared. Because of the completely natural process, they are very surprising and can look cloudy. The aroma, taste and appearance are noticeably different.

Blije Wijnen Rotterdam
Two years ago, Maud began importing natural wines, which she mainly sold through the Harvest Market, several tastings and her own webshop. Maud knows every wine farmer of which she imports personally. The store, that opened 3 months ago, shows that engagement as well. It is a small room with some wooden stalls where the bottles are shown. At first sight, a small assortment, but if you think about all this being natural wines, you dealing with a very rich range of choices. In addition, she would like to tell you background information at the dining table in the middle of the room. It all feels like you’re walking into someone’s professional hobby room. “Let’s go to Maud, I’m sure she has some nice wines somewhere for us.”

Blije Wijnen RotterdamBlije Wijnen Rotterdam
During our visit, someone walks in to take a look for the first time. “Finally a natural wine store”, she said. We feel her. Conscious life is a real trend. In addition, we notice that many people today want to know more about products, services and brands. Rotterdammers therefore, like this customer, must be glad they’re the first to have such a wine spot.

Besides the wines, she also works with other brands that she often knows of markets where she also sells her bottles. Such as ‘bio organic’ chips and beautiful wood cutting boards by Jorrit Vroon.

Blije Wijnen RotterdamBlije Wijnen Rotterdam
We got a nice rosé, white wine and.. a bottle of bubbles to try out. Those bubbles are formed by an ancient method called méthode ancestrale. A long story short; part of the fermentation process continues into the bottle, which builds the pressure so the bubbles are born. And although we can not dispute the taste we dare to say that you will be pleasantly surprised at the first swig.

Blije Wijnen RotterdamBlije Wijnen Rotterdam
Prices range from €11 to €20, so go ahead and choose some fine natural wines for your wine cellar (or rack) yourself. And, hopefully, we can taste some wine here in the future as well!


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