New in the Foodhallen Rotterdam: Greek delicacies from the kitchen of Ftou

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A new food stand opened up in the Foodhallen Rotterdam on 1 November 2019. At Ftou, a new concept from Bar Pulpo, you can  enjoy delicious Greek dishes with a twist.

Greek pita’s, spreads, dips & bites

One year after the opening of Bar Pulpo in the Foodhallen, owners Jelmer Bouma and Pegah Hosseinzadeh came up with a new concept: Ftou. On the menu of the new food stand are Greek dishes such as richly filled pitas, home-made dips & spreads, delicious bites and baklava for the real sweet tooth. Jordy’s Bakery has developed soft pocket pitas especially for Ftou, which are filled, from the baking tray, with grilled minced veal with feta, cucumber, onion, herb salsa, pickled cabbage and crispy fries. As a spread you can choose from home-made fresh tzatziki, (spicy) feta spread or smokey eggplant dip. The well-known pita cheese is also on the menu: a warm pocket pita with three types of melted cheese with a spicy, homemade sauce. The homemade vine leaves dolmades are served with cheese foam. The Crispy Zoodles (zucchini noodles) consist of crispy fried zucchini noodles with tzatziki.

Ftou: Greek superstition

Greeks are a superstitious people and do everything they can to keep the "evil eye" (where someone feels psychologically and physically unwell by outside forces) at bay. Spitting three times on the ground - or saying "ftou, ftou, ftou" - is the remedy for driving out the evil eye. Greeks also hang strands of garlic and the color blue is used on walls and in amulets to keep the evil eye at bay. At Ftou in the Foodhallen you can see this color reflected in the interior and the strands of garlic and broken plates on the wall are a playful reference to the Greek superstition of (un)happiness.

About the Foodhallen Rotterdam

The Foodhallen Rotterdam is located in the monumental Pakhuismeesteren warehouse, in one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the city. The building was used from 1818 to store exotic ingredients from distant lands. Now it is a beloved gathering place for good food and drinks from all over the world, with dishes from fifteen different cuisines. The raw edges of the old warehouse have been preserved in the industrial building, such as high unfinished ceilings and concrete pillars. Just like the sailors who inhabited the area in the last century, you can eat together in the Foodhallen at comfortable, wooden tables. The central point is the bar in the middle of the hall, including artisanal and local beers and international wine classics. Every Tuesday in the Foodhallen you can enjoy top artists who come to play live during Bands & Bites. You can also go to the Foodhallen Rotterdam for a party, a meeting or an event.


Selina Abraha

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