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Last year Osteria Liz opened its doors in a beautiful old building in the north of Rotterdam. The Italian restaurant was then announced as a classic osteria restaurant with a neighborhood function, informal atmosphere and pure flavors. This got the attention of many locals in Rotterdam-Noord and the restaurant is now the place where many locals gather at night for some amazing Italian food. You'll get that it was time to visit this new Rotterdam favourite!
On a summer Thursday evening I cycle to Osteria Liz with my boyfriend. Though the restaurant is only a few minutes by bike away from our home, we hadn't visit this new Italian place yet. The osteria is located in a beautiful corner building with its original high windows I immediately fall in love with. A wonderfully large terrace welcomes the local people to join for some drinks or bites.

When entering I notice how the restaurant is divided into three layers. On the ground floor you'll find a large bar and some high tables in front of the big windows. Halfway the place splits into a ground floor with an open kitchen. This part is styled with pretty yellow tiles. We decide to take the stairs to the upper part of the case. From there we have a nice view of the restaurant from above.

We meet owner Rose Tieleman. She and her father Aryan already own the French Brasserie Nieuw Noord; now they went for a classic Italian osteria. Rose tells how she and her father always kept their eyes open for new restaurant opportunites in their own Rotterdam-Noord neighborhood. When this beautiful corner building became available, they seized this opportunity to set up their Italian neighborhood restaurant. Choosing the name was not difficult. Liz refers to the neighborhood - the Liskwartier - and the style icon Liz Tayler. She is an idol of Aryan and according to Rose a perfect match with the style and taste of the osteria.

Time for some food! We were already welcomed with a nice glass of bubbles. The rest of the evening we get to enjoy the chef's menu. For me as a vegetarian, the chef  makes some adjustments to this menu. First we taste a delicious plate with antipasti and amazing arancini (croquettes with tomato risotto and cheese). On the menu we see that Osteria Liz serves more types of delicious aperitivo. It's not hard to picture us sitting on the terrace of Osteria Liz on a warm summer day with some of these amazing aperitive and a good glass of Italian wine. We love the arancini so much we make a mental note to have some of those on that summer day with our wine. 

Delicious asparagus with pesto, ravioli with a sauce of spinach and peas and a vegetarian pizza with paprika-pesto soon follow. All to share, which is a big plus for shared dining fans like us. Would we like have some dessert as well? We get a brownie cake with - very original - pieces of ginger and the best panna cotta  we ever had. We finish with a cup of coffee with beans from Manetti and a good cup of tea.

We were surprised how busy the restaruant was for a Thursday evening. With families with children, couples on a date night and friends, the guests really reflect the neighborhood. Oh, and just in case the osteria wouldn't have a free table for you or you would prefer to bring Liz's Italian vibes home with you? Consider taking one (or more) pizza home with you. Highly recommended!


Maartje Verheijden

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Osteria Liz Rotterdam

Osteria Liz Rotterdam

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