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Restaurant EAST in Amsterdam: Mi casa es su casa

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Restaurant EAST is a gem, a bit hidden in hotel Casa, and as the name already suggests located in Amsterdam East. After a renovation and with a new concept, restaurant EAST, formerly EAST57, opened its doors and I was invited to investigate!
Hotel Casa is also known by many Amsterdam residents (and not Amsterdam residents) as the so-called 'student hotel' with affordable housing for students during a certain part of the year. A few years ago I was a student myself. If I had had the chance to spend some time there, or to call this place my home, I would have loved this.

EAST AmsterdamAs soon as you enter, you immediately feel the relaxed, cozy and casual atmosphere. The large lobby, where tourists enthusiastically check in for a pleasant weekend in Amsterdam, a coffee bar where you can retire with a newspaper or study books, a cozy bar to have a drink in the evenings and a wonderfully light restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

EAST Amsterdam
"All happiness depends on a leisurely Breakfast" - from muffins, pancakes and yogurt to various types of prepared eggs; breakfast is the king's meal of the day! If you have less time, the staff will be happy to prepare a takeaway breakfast for you.

Create your own workplace in one of the cozy corners, lunch with a delicious sandwich or salad or go for a slightly more extensive warm lunch with friends. EAST is also the place to unwind during the day. Don't feel like going home? No worries, stay comfortable where you are and eat something before having drinks later in the evening!

EAST Amsterdam
We were able to try some of the food during the opening evening. The first round we were spoiled with all kinds of small snacks with an oriental theme; colored bapao sandwich with vegetarian filling, deep fried sushi and shrimp. Not just a feast for the eyes, but also for the taste buds!

EAST Amsterdam
F-I-N-A-L-L-Y it's time to go to the festively set table, because after those snacks it tastes like more. With a white fish in advance and veal with vegetables as the main course, you might think you've had everything..

EAST AmsterdamBut then we are called from the table and escorted to the lobby. On a card that we receive, there's a question: "How do you feel..?" and we have four options to choose from, not knowing what will happen with this. My choice goes out to "do something extra for me". Once the ticket is handed in, we get a tour on the top floor of the restaurant and hotel. Here we see workplaces and sitting areas where hotel guests can work and relax, among other things. 

EAST AmsterdamAfter the tour we go back to the restaurant section and it becomes clear why we have been lured away from the table. The entire table is covered like a work of art with all kinds of different desserts (it was already a bit dark, so the photo doesn't do it justice)!

EAST AmsterdamWhen the desserts are finished, it becomes clear what the meaning of the previously filled-in cards is at the bar. A row of tailor-made cocktails for everyone! Cheers on a successful evening and the renewed EAST: a place to come home for every Amsterdammer and beyond, young and old, studying and working!


Sanne Fleskens

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