Rotterdam world trip for foodies: North America

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Are you a real foodie that can't choose what your favorite world cuisine is? Then we will gladly take you on a culinary world trip through Rotterdam. Flight tickets from the Netherlands to everywhere-on-earth are quite expensive, so we visit 'all continents' and tell you where in Rotterdam you can enjoy the delicacies of that continent! We started with Africa, but we'll quickly fly to North America now, because there we can find, among other things, the best burgers and delicious tacos.

Restaurant Hudson

US | What dish do you think of when we say  'The United States'? Right, hamburgers! If there is one thing that the Americans can do well, it is making burgers. Restaurant Hudson promises tasty food with an American bite. The menu is prepared from various American classics such as nachos, steaks and of course the Hudson burgers. The decor - wood, chesterfields and pop art - creates a real American experience. Reservations are also not necessary, because there is always a place for you. But if you can't find a table, the spacious bar is a wonderful place to enjoy some barbites and beers.

Gracy’s American Diner

US | At this American Diner you will find tasty burgers as well, and you can even decorate them according to your own wishes! At Gracy’s you will also find American style hot dogs, a whole range of milk shakes and the tastiest sweets. But in addition to the special menu at Gracy’s, the decor and atmosphere is perhaps the most unique thing about this place. The entire diner is arranged as if it is in the fifties and gives you that feeling too. Oh and did we mention that the unique dinner is located on the Schouwburgplein and can therefore be combined with a visit to the cinema? Take advantage of the Gracy’s Pathé combo deal and turn your night into a great American night out!

Mad Mick’s Breakaway

US | Pool tables, Pink Floyd posters and old yellow school buses can all be found at Breakaway, the first 'flair' cocktail bar in the Netherlands! Mad Mick opened this cocktail bar in 1993 and has always maintained an American style that has attracted many (also famous) people over the years. Yes, hamburgers and more than 100 different cocktails to enjoy! In the bar you can play darts, play pool and watch the 60's rock & roll inspired decor, such as the Harley Davidson in the middle of the bar. So do your favorite bartender Mad Mick a favor and visit Breakaway!


MEXICO | The American tradition Taco Tuesday has made its way to Rotterdam and you can find it at the Mexican Popocatepetl! This Latin American restaurant serves authentic Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, fajitas and burritos. Share some Latin bites with your date and enjoy a cold Mexican beer or one of the different cocktails they have to offer. A Mexican night out in Rotterdam it is!

La Bandera

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | If you want to try the taste of the Dominican Republic, you have to go to La Bandera! An authentic Dominican restaurant with a heart for good food where you end up licking your own plate. Coming together and socializing is what they stand for and that is why everyone is welcome to stop by! You don't have to book a plane ticket anymore, because after an evening at La Bandera it is like you have already been to Dominicana.
Alfredo's Taqueria
MEXICO Of course we cannot forget this colorful Taqueria! Try the taste of Mexico in this beautiful restaurant. Alfredo's is a unique place because of the famous blue bar (Bar Azul) where special cocktails are prepared, the kitchen (La Cocina) where you can almost literally sit in the kitchen and of course the beautiful first floor (El Piso Alto), which is Alfredo's living room, where you can enjoy the Mexican atmosphere on a whole new level.


Selina Abraha

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