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When thinking of Japanese food, it is no longer just sushi that comes in mind. Rotterdam is hooked to ramen! This Japanese noodle soup is the core business of even five places, including the newly opened Sapporo. We visit the new ramen shop two months after its opening and conclude that a Rotterdam true ramen fan should definitely pay a visit to Sapporo. 
The Aart van Nesstraat - with Sugo amongst others - recently welcomed a newcomer. Sapporo opened its doors at the spot where we used to find the Vietnamese eatery District A. Fans of the noodle soup of the popular Takumi at the West-Kruiskade might get  a familiar feel at Sapporo, as the two ramen shops are sisters and are both part of the international Takumi brand.

At the Thursday evening we visit Sapporo, the tropical temperature makes us long for a small getaway to the country of the rising sun. Because at Sapporo you will absolutely find a typical Asian vibe. When entering Sapporo, the first thing we see is a ceiling covered with Asian lampions. Add an open brick wall with fitting posters to that and there you have the perfect Asian look. Although this Asian vibe definitely looks good, we prefer to sit outside at the (covered) terrace at the front with this lovely weather.

The staff hands us a big menu that needs some explanation for guests who aren't familiar with the Japanese noodle soup yet. The key to a good bowl of ramen is its stock and Sapporo's is quite unique in this. Even though ramen is served with both chicken and pork stock in Japan, only the pork version is served in Rotterdam ramen shops. That has changed since Sapporo opened its doors to serve its home-made chicken ramen!

Home-made stock is as time-consuming as it sounds, so the chefs of Sapporo already start early in the morning with the ramen soup that needs about six hours to gain its flavours. The result are two delicious stocks: the creamy noukou and a more clear bouillon with shio (a bit salty), shoyu (soy flavoured) or miso flavour (with, well, a miso taste). Also, the vegetarians have their own section of the menu! Sapporo serves a third bouillon especially for its veggie and vegan guests.

And if you are not feeling like having a bowl of ramen, you should take a look at the back of the menu. There you find both the side dishes and plenty of rice dishes. Sapporo offers something for everyone! The only thing missing from the menu in our view, are some matching (Asian) drinks. Only the ice tea is home-made and it was a bit plain and much to sweet for us. 

But back to ramen! Though we had plenty of ramen before, chicken ramen is new to us, so we are extremely curious about Sapporo's soup. I am having the daily limited Special Noukou Chicken Ramen and my boyfriend chooses the somewhat spicy miso ramen Tan Tan Chicken. We normally only order a bowl of delicious steamed edamame beans with our ramen, but here we like to try more of the extensive menu. So we also have some amazing chicken dumplings and spicy takoyaki (squid ball). My boyfriend is crazy about the dumplings, while I am enjoying my very first noukou ramen. This ramen is so much more creamy than I am used to, which truly gives the soup a special taste and texture. Love it!

Do we still have room for some dessert? We normally would never skip dessert, but the overload of ramen and other dishes makes us decide that we should come back another time to try this part of the menu. Because coming back to Sapporo is definitely what to do after one taste of its ramen. The menu shows as many as 15 different bowls of ramen, so there is more than enough for us to try the next time.


Maartje Verheijden

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