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Wessel started out in catering but since last year he has his own hotspot at the Proveniersstraat; The Harvest! Kirsten and I went by to taste the new menu and were treated to a long and pleasant evening.
Upon entering, we talk about the past few months, both about his changes and goals and those of us with HTSPT. Kirsten orders a home-made lemonade at the same time and I'm curious about the Kombucha, which should be very healthy according to the big internet. I never had it before, but it's definitely worth repeating. But I can't say whether or not I have become healthier yet. ;)

The Harvest RotterdamThe Harvest Rotterdam
The menu of The Harvest, which is now on the table, is very clear. You choose your ideal bowl in a few steps. With this 'Fast Flexitarian' meat is an option, but Kirsten and I both - of course - opt for a bowl with mostly vegan ingredients. So I went for the roasted baby potatoes with garlic and paprika, winter curry with pumpkin and lentils, roasted carrot with cumin seeds and coriander powder and seitan satay with homemade satay sauce. Kirsten also chose the roasted baby potatoes, but added roasted sprouts with lemon, parmesan and chili flakes, beetroot-apple salad with feta and walnuts, and fritatta with local vegetables. It will be my own bad memory, but I think it's amazing that Wessel remembers all the different combinations of two people without pen and paper.

The Harvest RotterdamThe Harvest Rotterdam
Not much later our bowls are served and.. my compliments! Wessel and his team manage to get a very nutritious meal on the table in a delicious, healthy and very competitive price. Between about €10,- and €12,- (excluding drinks) you can enjoy such a delicious bowl and your hunger is satisfied. The catering experience helps to determine the perfect portion. Not too little and no 'waste', although a doggy bag is also an option of course.

The Harvest RotterdamThe Harvest Rotterdam
But the party is not over yet, I also take a delicious dessert; the seasonal crumble with apple and nuts, and yes: nothing to complain about that either. They understand their profession here. We still eat a bit of food in the small shop, where a mixture of people seeks coziness.

The Harvest RotterdamThe Harvest Rotterdam
No plans for tonight yet? Pay a visit to The Harvest, I promise you a nice evening (if you bring you bring some good company, I recommend myself)!


Ruden Nijsse

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