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New York is the city where everything comes together. The city with the highest buildings, most impressive skylines, Times Square, beautiful parks, where the trends arise and where we have enjoyed six days to the full. But what do you opt for during this trip? Because everything is worth it. With this planning you will at least take the best highlights and your journey will remain relaxed!
We flew via Iceland to New York. This saved in price for the ticket and we would have immediately seen Iceland. In Iceland we slept and enjoyed a night in The Blue Lagoon. I found Iceland very beautiful, but cold and expensive so I wanted to continue to New York! Once we arrived in New York we took the taxi from the airport to the Hotel. At that moment we took the well-known Yellow cab taxi, they are immediately ready and this works quickly. You can also go by bus, but we just went for convenience.

Day 1

We stayed in the SoHo neighborhood and thought it was really great here. It is a creative neighborhood, with nice coffee bars, cool shops and new trends. The neighborhoods of Chinatown and Little Italy are adjacent, which we also enjoyed very much. We ate delicious dumplings in Chinatown and the biggest pizza ever in Little Italy!

Day 2

For our first breakfast we visited Balthazar. We had to wait a while, because this is a popular and typical American restaurant. At the bar we already ordered two coffees and they continuously top this up. Eventually a table became available and we enjoyed delicious toast with poached egg, salmon and avocado. It is a pricey restaurant and you should also consider giving good tips, because that is common in New York. For this breakfast we lost more than 70 euros, but completely ready for the day! Take a look at some shops, walk through parks and admire buildings. We did this on the basis of the travel guide 100% New York. It contains various routes that you can walk and exactly what you see in the meantime. It is very nice to keep this in mind otherwise you will pass a lot without realizing what you are passing by.

And then Max had a big surprise; we went to the Yankee stadium to watch a football match. Despite the fact that football is above all Max's great passion, I also enjoyed it immensely. This atmosphere is so intensely good, when you are in New York, you should not miss this! We went here by metro. We immediately bought a metro ticket for the entire week. This costs 32 dollars and very handy. We didn't take a taxi until our departure, we were everywhere very quickly and it saved a lot of taxi costs. Finally, we went to eat our first burger, because that is of course completely part of it in New York. We did this at Shake Shack, a popular fast food restaurant in New York.

Day 3

Time to explore Chinatown, we went for breakfast at Bake Culture. This is a hip place for young Chinese entrepreneurs, with nice innovative sandwiches.

Then we went to the new WTC station. This is the most expensive station ever, but it is also beautiful. In addition, Ground Zero is located, here were the Twin Towers. We went here to the 9/11 memorial museum. This is so impressive that we stayed here for half a day. Sad, but great that this is there, these people will never be forgotten.

Then we went to the financial district, this is the heart of finance and justice in New York. For financial luck you have to touch the Charging Bull balls here or you 
just walk on to Stone Street for nice bars and restaurants. We have eaten delicious Mexican at Mad Dog & Beans!

Back to the Soho district to see various nice shops. Canal street Market was my favorite. You can drink coffee, have breakfast, lunch, dinner here and in addition creative entrepreneurs have their own place to exhibit their products. There are often such covered markets in New York, really great.

Quickly eaten a poké bowl and on to Times Square. This is really that impressive in the evening. The screens are unimaginably large, this is New York how I had it in my head. On to 'Top of the Rock', this is the viewing platform of Rockefeller Center, once the tallest building in New York.. We visited this in the evening. The Empire State Building in the afternoon. This way you see the city once in the dark and in the light.

Day 4

We started the day with a run in Central Park. The entire round is around 10 km, but you can also shorten it. The route is clear, there are signs everywhere, but if you are a little sporty this is a lot of fun! Then by metro back to our hotel and again by metro to Brooklyn.

Through the Brooklyn Bridge we walked back to our SoHo neighborhood. You can just cross this bridge for free. The view is very beautiful, highly recommended to walk over here.

Return to Chinatown to go to The Crown. This is a beautiful rooftop bar with great views of the city. Then we went to eat sushi at Shinsen. We discovered this restaurant a few days before when I was looking for a Matcha tea. It had just opened and the menu looked promising. That evening we opted for 'omakase', you are then surprised by the chef and it is prepared in front of you. We found this the best food experience of our trip. If you go; give the owner Tony the greetings from us, he really is the most hospitable man ever!

Day 5

With the free ferry you sailed past the statue of liberty. You pass Lady Liberty and the ferry stops on Staten Island. You have to get off there, we walked around for a while and then took the boat back. You can also buy a ticket to Liberty Island, but we thought this was a waste of our time.

NYThen the metro to visit the High Line park. The High Line is a 2.2 km long former railway line and nowadays park that floats 9 meters above the ground floor. Then we walked on to the Chelsea neighborhood. This is also a trendy neighborhood with the super cool Chelsea Market. Nice for lunch and shopping. Then on to Central park to enjoy the weather in the grass. In the meantime I checked the Trump Tower. You can just go in here too. We thought it was a dated building, but Mr. Trump is fully equipped with his own Starbucks, grill, cafe etc. in his tower. Enjoyed live music in Bryant Park and then on to the Little Italy neighborhood. Here we ate a pizza at Lombardi's, New York's oldest pizzeria. It is very common here to share a pizza and choose one half each. Two pizzas didn't even fit on our table. So it is not Dutch stinginess to share here, just about everyone here does. Finally an ice cream at Milk & Cream, you can also share this mega format better. I found this location via instagram @ newyork.foodguide.

Day 6

Time flew by and actually we were not ready at all in New York and certainly not in America. This trip tastes like more, but the last day had really arrived. To save time we got a breakfast and coffee to go. We then visited the Empire State Building. In this way we looked over the city in daylight one last time. This was also our last activity of the New York Citypass. We opted for a pass with three activities but you can also buy one with 6 activities. This is very handy to buy in advance. This way you walk past the queue and save money. We found 3 activities enough, because we wanted to keep more freedom for our own initiative. If we were to be in New York for longer we would have gone for 6 activities, because it is a very handy pass.

Unfortunately our time was almost over; A last lunch with dumping at MIMI CHENG'S and a Matcha smoothie at Greecologies. Finally Uber brought us back to the airport with a head full of experiences and memories to enjoy for a long time!


Nicole van Nunen

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