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These are the five best places to drink Bosnian coffee in Sarajevo

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When you walk through the old, cozy Ottoman quarter of Sarajevo, the many small coffee bars cannot be missed. We enjoyed ourselves for hours at different locations, to try all kinds of 'Bosanska kafa'.
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the coffee is served in a džezva, a small copper coffee pot with about three cups of coffee in it, on a beautifully round decorated tray with an empty cup (fildžan), a glass of water, a bowl full of sugar cubes and a rahat lokum, a Bosnian candy. You have to try that when you are here and as far as we are concerned, these are the five best locations for it!

Teahouse Džirlo

Kovači 6 | The first location where we ended up - thanks to Instagram, always nice to find the best places during our travels via this platform - was Džirlo. And even though it is a teahouse, you can also go there for a cup of Bosnian coffee. The owner is a fantastic man who passionately tells about his tea and the way you have to drink the coffee. For those who are interested, I think this is the way (even though we heard different versions): first scoop a layer of foam from the džezva, then pour a cup full and add the layer of foam. If you want sugar, do not throw the whole cube into the drink, but take a bite and let it melt under your tongue as you sip your coffee. Also nice to try: salep! This was perhaps our favorite Oriental coffee house in Sarajevo, so definitely a must to visit!

Teahouse Džirlo Sarajevo

Ministry of Ćejf

Kovači 26 | On to Ministry of Ćejf, in the same cute street as Džirlo. We have been here for a whole afternoon with coffee while playing Uno, so that says enough. The owner is an actor of Australian origin (hello Reshad Strik!), who came to Bosnia to discover his father's country and never left. It seems that besides Bosnian coffee you can also drink a delicious latte, but unfortunately there was something wrong with the water pressure at the time we were there and we could not taste it. The carrot cake and salep (yes, again) made up for that though!

Ministry of Ćejf SarajevoMinistry of Ćejf Sarajevo

Bosanska Kafana Index

Kazandžiluk 31 | In terms of interior, this coffeehouse might be our number one, because look at that! Inside you can sit between the brightly colored cushions and outside you can exactly catch the sunbeams. You will find Index at the end of a small shopping street, where you can score all kinds of typical Bosnian souvenirs. If you really like the coffee here, you can, for example, purchase your own coffee set! That is what we have done, especially because they are just so pretty. ;)

Bosanska Kafana Index SarajevoBosanska Kafana Index Sarajevo

Žuta Tabija

Jekovac | You have to climb a nice hill for it, but that's totally worth it. From Žuta Tabija (also known as the Yellow Fortress) you have perhaps the most beautiful view over Sarajevo and the valley in which the city lies. It is almost always crowded here, but certainly for the sunset you have to go on time to get a nice spot on the edge of the wall. Order a Bosnian coffee or another (non-alcoholic) drink and you're good to go!

Žuta Tabija SarajevoŽuta Tabija Sarajevo

Baklava Shop Sarajevo

Bravadžiluk 16 | In the mood for baklava? Then you have to go here. Because although you can get a džezva full of delicious coffee, this shop is - of course - well known for its wide selection of baklava including walnut, pistachios, nutella, almonds and coconut. Something for everyone. Let's eat!

Baklava Shop SarajevoBaklava Shop Sarajevo


Kirsten Jordan

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Bosanska Kafana

Bosanska Kafana Index Sarajevo

Ministry of Cejf

Ministry of Cejf Sarajevo

Teahouse Dzirlo

Teahouse Džirlo Sarajevo

Zuta Tabija Sarajevo

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