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These are the most popular hotspots of May 2019!

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Every month, we look back on our best read articles, but besides our stories we also have a lot of hotspots to share with you. The spots below are the most viewed spots in April, so you know which restaurants, lunchrooms, shops and coffee bars you really can not miss! And did you know that you can also create a free account to give your favorites a little love and to create a wishlist?
1. Rotterdam | Bokaal
At Bokaal, in the new heart of Rotterdam, you're at the right spot for beers and some Burgundian bites. On Friday afternoon, it's the place to be for a soms afternoon drinks and on a weekday it's a great place to relax with a drink on one of the benches at the window or outside on the terrace. A real city cafe!

2. Rotterdam | Home Stock
Home and accessory store Home Stock can best be described as an organized chaos. There's so much to see here, you will find items that you didn't know you were looking for! Typical for the store is that part of the product range is new and part is vintage. This makes it a good mix of affordable and somewhat more expensive items. Really a must visit for anyone looking for something nice for in the house or an original gift.

3. Rotterdam | Tante Nel
Tante Nel at the Pannekoekstraat is not just a snack bar with a large terrace. Here you can enjoy 'haute friture', with surprising combis such as fries with stew or fries with caviar. They also serve truffle croquettes and other delicious snacks. But having a real bar to drink all kinds of gin tonics, that makes this hotspot really a unique snack bar! And.. are you having a party? You can even rent the spot!

4. Utrecht| Frenchie Café
Frenchie café is one of the most Instagram worthy hotspots in Utrecht. It is a hip and modern café with a luxurious look. The velvet sofa in combination with the school chairs creates a playful effect and the marble elements make it complete. The dishes originate from the French and American cuisine and look great! From American pancakes to freakshakes; you'll find it all here! The ambiance is informal and welcoming. One thing is certain; since the summer of 2018, Utrecht has gained a great hotspot!

5. Rotterdam | Peppel Eten & Drinken
"This hotspot has already been added because it is recommended by followers and locals and therefore should not be missed in our database! We will add our concise description as soon as possible, until then you can go to their own website and other channels."

6. Rotterdam | Euskadi
In early 2019, a new hotspot opened in Rotterdam where you can be assured of an evening full of culinary highlights. At Euskadi - Basque for the Basque Country - you can enjoy delicious Basque flavors in the heart of the city. And for those who do not immediately know what the Basque cuisine is; this comes from the Basque Country, a Spanish region full of culinary dishes and famous flavors. Nobody less than chef Alvaro Martinez takes you on a trip to Euskadi here!


Kirsten Jordan

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