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Tourists in our own country with a Volkswagen van! (+ hotspots in Middelburg)

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I think there is only one possible answer to the question "Do you want to rent a Volkswagen Camper for a midweek?" Of course! After our road trip through America, Ruden and I are really into #vanlife anyway, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to make a touristic tour through the Netherlands.
On April 15th, we were expected at 9 o'clock in the shed to pick up our Mr. Orange, where the enthusiastic Ton was already waiting for us. We were a bit late, because we - although we left extra early - were stuck in traffic from Rotterdam. Anyway, Ton was happy to see us and happily told us everything we needed to know about this orange cutie. 

De VolkswagenbusDe Volkswagenbus
Time to go! Now I don't have a driver's license (..), so this are Ruden's words: "The first kilometers it was somewhat difficult to get it smoothly in the right gear, but once you're used to pushing the gear lever way out of position it is second nature in no time. In a modern car you only need a weak little finger movement, this van demands a little more from you - combine it with a truck steering wheel that only really turns the wheels after a few centimeters of turning and you can rightly say you've got some work to do; totally nice!" You look like an actor in an old Hollywood film in which people steer excessively on a straight road, so apparently that's pretty accurate. A pinch of engine air and the picture is complete, you're driving an old and oh so nice Volkwagen van!

Loonse and Drunense Dunes

Our first stop was the Loonse & Drunense Dunes, because what is a tourist tour without visiting a national park? If you come from the 'big city' you can sometimes hardly imagine that the Netherlands also has these types of areas; we could walk endlessly through this 'Sahara' in Brabant without encountering anyone. So nice! Here you can really unwind completely and that's what we were really looking for.

Drunense Duinen


Although we could easily hang around in the dunes all day, we decided to continue on to Kinderdijk. Just about every tourist decides to go here, but we had never been - strangely enough. And that while it is so close to Rotterdam.

Kinderdijk VolkswagenbusVolkswagenbus
Although it was fairly busy on the roads and the visitor center almost impossible to reach, we found a nice spot in front of the 19 windmills that Kinderdijk has. The perfect backdrop for a few pictures of our bus! Now we were lucky enough to be standing next to an Austrian couple with a drone, so with our best German we asked if they could also shoot a few nice images of us. ;)

De Volkswagenbus Kinderdijk
Kinderdijk De Volkswagenbus
Although it was my first time in Kinderdijk, friends of the family live here. In a mill! That is why it is perhaps even more outrageous that I have never been there. We decided to look for the mill with the 'white wicks' and pay a visit. After a tour through their special home, Peter Paul pointed us to a good place to take some more photos. Normally completely off limits, so lucky for us that we know someone here! Fun fact: He photographed my parents' wedding in 1994, which I attended as a little girl in a princess dress, and now also took a photo of us for his current project: #guestsonourdoorstep.

Kinderdijk De Volkswagenbus

Tulip fields

Our first night in the camper was a fact! This version offers sleeping space for four people, but because there were two of us and it was still quite fresh outside, we decided to sleep on the 'normal' double bed and to not fold it out. Fortunately we had brought extra blankets, because we still needed them at night. The next morning we woke up at Goeree-Overflakkee, the island that is bursting with colorful tulip fields every year around the end of April/ beginning of May. We could not miss that, so it was time to look for a beautiful field.

De Volkswagenbus tulpen
Now you probably think that not a lot can go wrong with a tulip field as a background and such a beautiful Volkswagen bus as a 'prop', but then you are wrong. Of course we couldn't stand in the middle of the field and were playing around quite a bit with camera angles to get the best picture (without a muddy road on it). I succeeded in the end, right?

De Volkswagenbus tulpen
No worries, we know that in many places you are no longer allowed to enter the fields, but this was close to the - very quiet - village where I grew up and we have asked permission. :)

Grevelingen dam

The weather was - unlike at the time of writing - fantastic, so we decided to head for the water. The Grevelingen lake was on the route to Zeeland, so that's where we went. Coincidentally, my sister was also working there (shout out to PUURR by Rich in Bruinisse), so we were able to park the camper in a place where you normally can't just go as well. Time to fully unfold the camper, because space to stand is suddenly worth a lot to you (you don't want to know how often we bumped our head..). Add a bottle of wine and we enjoyed the here and now.

Grevelingendam Volkswagenbus

Middelburg e.o.

Day three, time to exchange nature for the city. Zeeland has a number of very beautiful cities, but we opted for the capital, Middelburg. Now we wouldn't be HTSPT if we didn't look for the best hotspots in Middelburg, so here they are.

Hotspot Middelburg
Expresszo: Right in the center and perfect for coffee! We therefore drank a nice cappuccino before moving on to the next spot. If you are hungry, there is also plenty of goodies here. Think of treats such as banana bread, toasties and poké bowls. In addition, they also have a Bed & Breakfast, we would like to try that once!

Hotspot Middelburg
Het Koffiepand: Just a short walk from Expresszo you will find Het Koffiepand, where you can get much more than just coffee! There is also a wide selection of tarts, cakes, slow breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. We were hungry, so Ruden ordered a carrot cake (always good) and I went for the 'mixed mushroom toast with mushroom mix, grilled halloumi & aubergine'.

Hotspot Middelburg
RØST: And the third gem of the day, where we had a nice conversation with the owner. Of course we had already eaten, but for those who are interested: RØST has a changing menu with daily fresh, seasonal, home-made dishes and they looked delicious. We had a coffee - we need to stop with all the coffee - and continued our journey to the mini camping of Ruden's uncle and aunt.

De Volkswagenbus
In fact, it is primarily a large farm, but part of the space is specifically for camping guests. Currently there is not much space available yet, but they are working hard to build a larger site. The plans look fantastic, so maybe more about that later!

De Volkswagenbus
The bus is furnished with a fridge, so we bought some yummy food and drinks for a good breakfast on our last day with Mr. Orange! And good to know: you don't have to worry about cutlery, plates, etc. That is all arranged for you.


On the route back to Nieuwegein, at 90 kilometers per hour, we decided to stop at the Brouwersdam. We didn't have to return the bus until 6 p.m. and therefore had some time for something chill.

We parked directly along the water, where we - with a view over the North Sea - and did nothing for a while, before we decided to go to a beach bar for a glass of wine and nachos to end the trip.

De Volkswagenbus
So, do you want to experience this freedom and go out with an Oldtimer? Then you've come to the right place at De Or how about a van for your wedding or as a Volkswagen Photobooth, where the Volkswagen has been converted into a photo booth? Plenty of options, so something for everyone!

This article was written (unpaid) in collaboration withDe


Kirsten Jordan

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