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Two relaxing nights as a guest at hotel The James in Rotterdam

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In the middle of Center Rotterdam, Hotel The James is situated. I had been hopping by countless times ('people' say that I walk that way) without noticing this former office building. But once I knew what was there, my curiosity grew day by day; what is the beauty behind that golden placard at the entrance? It was time to check in, together with Kirsten.
We booked two nights to experience this relatively new hotel as a guest. And that's sometimes still crazy, so close to home. For example, I went home on the second day of the stay to feed our cat Doerak. I digress, let's start from the beginning. After the essentials and some camera gear were packed, I first had to take some pictures in the morning at a few other hotspots in the city. When that work was done, I cycled to the Aert van Nesstraat, where hotel The James welcomes you through a somewhat inconspicuous entrance. Kirsten and I walked into the hotel and I handed my driver's license* to the enthusiastic receptionist who promised us a nice room with a view. We love to hear that! *Kirsten had booked, but her ID had expired, real handy dear!

The James Rotterdam
The elevator hoisted us to the 17th floor where we opened our room door and a beautiful view was waiting for us! But first we took photos of the room itself. We leave all things, as we are used to, in the corridor to get a shot that is as clean as possible for our hotspot database. When the photos were taken, we dragged our stuff inside. So, time to relax. O no, our next appointment is already waiting for us in the hotel lounge.

The James RotterdamThe James Rotterdam
After our appointment we also spoke briefly with Michiel Brandhorst, general manager at The James, in the same lounge. When he started, he didn't have any hotel experience, that gave him the chance to create - with a completely blank mind - a hotel like The James is today; beautifully designed with a relaxed and familiar atmosphere (more on that later) as a gateway to the city. Yet enough happens that you do not see here. "I could write a book about everything that has happened here in recent months alone." Like what? "Well.. there was someone with Valentine who thought it would be romantic to put dozens of burning tea lights on the bed and then firing a confetti canon above it. Luckily the fire was extinguished quickly, but people are really doing the craziest things in hotels." If you ask me, that book should be written, one copy has already been sold! But seriously, a confetti cannon above burning candles on a bed? It is in any case original, gotta give 'em that.

The James RotterdamThe James Rotterdam
The James Lounge
Check that lounge, by the way, isn't that gold (actually more bronze)? I think it's a shame that the hotel has no restaurant, but Michiel explained that this was deliberately left out. "Most hotels want to keep their guests inside as long as possible, we prefer to tell you where you can eat well in the neighborhood. Without commissions, but simply with genuine advice." And although I understand that better than anyone (we don't get paid for mentioning a hotspot in our database), a delicious snack in-house could have been nice. But his point is not unjustified. Most people book a hotel for business or for a city trip where you often visit a restaurant in the city. In this lounge, you lounge. That is what it is meant for and what is has succeeded in.

The James RotterdamThe James Rotterdam
Own food market
In addition, the hotel has its own food market for the quick thirst and hunger, with.. a self-scan counter. And that is the familiar atmosphere that I was talking about! So it's still there; trust your guests. You are therefore a real loser when you steal a bag of chips. To prevent such sadness, even the gold-colored clothes hangers hanging in the rooms are for sale here. So no people, you don't have to put them in your suitcase unseen either.

The James RotterdamThe James Rotterdam
Relax in the room
It was time to go back to the room and really relax. It was now somewhat dim outside, which also made the far-reaching view more atmospheric. While Kirsten went into the bath, I stopped to look at the view while I started up Netflix. Twinkling Rotterdam, in peace, at your feet. Because one thing immediately stood out; silence and tranquility. And if you do my pleasure with something, it is with the combination of those two things.

The James RotterdamThe James Rotterdam The room is not only well insulated, but also simplistic and sleek in design, so that the whole simply removes the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Then that hustle and bustle that we often experience at HTSPT is completely worth it. Because where others often think that our working day covers the following: eating out, eating out, eating out and a hotel stay, it is actually (even) more often: planning, e-mailing, writing, writing, writing, taking and editing photos, meetings, checking, mailing, administration, social media and website updating, etc. etc.. But sometimes it is Netflixing and bathing, like then. Worth it.

The James RotterdamThe James Rotterdam
Stepping through the city
The next day, as I indicated earlier, I went home to feed the cat. But not just on foot or by bike, no no. We have reserved The James' electric steps that we could ride for two hours in Rotterdam. Pay attention; only on bike paths, otherwise you (and The James) will get in trouble. And although such electric transportation is not new, you have a lot of attention on a rolling battery. In addition to the turning heads that can feel a bit uncomfortable, it is especially just very nice. With the wind through your hai.. beard, you move from one place to another without any effort. And the weather was nice too, great!

The James Rotterdam
After a visit to the Vroesenpark, among others, we returned to the hotel to start the last evening. We chose to order a poké bowl from Poké Bowl and do nothing at all. That is the advantage if you shoot everything on the first day and write partially, then day two is what you really come for. No sooner said than done; we do zero and check out the next morning. But.. we just go upstairs again to work in the lounge for the rest of the day, it was so nice there!

The James Rotterdam
Are you looking for a hotel in the center of the Maasstad? Would you rather not pay too much but do you like luxury and a pleasant atmosphere? Do you want your own parking space in a garage? Do you like to travel by electric scooter? Put the hotel with 144 rooms in Rotterdam high in your short-list and make the decision! You can then use HTSPT to choose a suitable restaurant and other hotspots during the stay. ;) I rest my case.



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Hotel The James Rotterdam

Hotel The James Rotterdam

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