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With La Mozza, Rotterdam has the very first mozzarella bar in the Netherlands!

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Since last October, Rotterdam has the very first mozzarella bar in the Netherlands. La Mozza then opened its doors on Goudsesingel to delight the city with Italian sandwiches, delicious snacks and mozzarella cheese of top quality. Of course HTSPT had to find out more about this unique concept!

Opposite the culinary hotspot Het Industrie Gebouw, I enter La Mozza on a Friday afternoon. It is still a bit cold outside, but the terrace is ready to welcome guests on the first summer days. When we enter the mozzarella restaurant, I immediately notice the large bar with shiny dark green tiles. Very stylish! The high window on the Gousesingel makes it a pleasant, light space. The high ceilings are broken by racks with atmospheric lighting and fake plants. The vibe is absolutely right.

But mozzarella, that's what we came for! Co-owner Dayna greets us while she is working in the kitchen. She enthusiastically tells us how she already had a lot of hospitality experience and helped develop various hospitality concepts. When it was time to start something for herself, she wanted to create something unique. She wanted to bring Rotterdam something completely new. That eventually became the first mozzarella bar in the country. Where you can find one on almost every street corner in Italy, La Mozza was the very first in the Netherlands. To guarantee that Italian quality here as well, the mozzarella varieties are shipped from Italy twice a week.

All that talking about this delicious Italian cheese makes us curious of course. And hungry as well! On the menu we see various Italian sandwiches that can also be ordered to go. Three of them have standard mozzarella; the cheese is optional for the other sandwiches. In addition to Italian sandwiches, there are also melts - a type of toasted sandwiches with melted mozzarella - and healthy salads on the menu. And those who, just like the Italians, come to a classic mozzarella bar purely for the mozzarella itself, can also order a plate of top quality mozzarella. Though the Italians just eat it like that, La Mozza also serves arugula, tomatoes and bread with it.

Time to try it ourselves! We pass on our dietary requirements - I am vegetarian, my boyfriend loves everything - and we are served the Verdure with marinated vegetables and the San Daniele. You can really taste that the mozzarella is of high quality. The sandwiches are really delicious. Do we also want to try the mozzarella sticks? They were being prepared when we entered and they looked very promising. So yes, please! They are wonderfully crunchy. We get explained that this is because they are breaded this twice.

At La Mozza we are reminded of our love for well-made Italian sandwiches and note that we must choose them more often as a lunch option. Fortunately, the menu offers enough reasons to come back!


Maartje Verheijden

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La Mozza Rotterdam

La Mozza Rotterdam

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