With Rozey, Rotterdam has the very first vegetarian/vegan all you can eat restaurant in the Netherlands!

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At Rozey, the well-known all you can eat concept is presented in a completely different light. At this all-inclusive restaurant - that sounds a bit more attractive than all you can eat - you will be served top-quality food in an attractive setting. And all also vegetarian or vegan! HTSPT was introduced to this first vegetarian/vegan all you can eat restaurant in the Netherlands.
Not long ago, Rozey opened her doors in the Wijnhaven. An attractive interior has been placed in a large room with floor-to-ceiling windows - hello, beautiful daylight. Think hip green, beautiful crockery, comfortable chairs and a striking bar.

The concept of Rozey is simple: there is a menu with around 50 small dishes. From starters, cold and hot main courses to fried dishes and desserts. You can always choose two dishes per person on a piece of paper. You have your own plate, so shared dining is an option. And as far as we are concerned, it's certainly a must to be able to taste as many of the 50 dishes as possible in that way!

For your evening out, you pay a fixed price at Rozey: €32,50 during the week and €37,50 during the weekend. That includes (alcoholic) drinks - you only pay extra for specialty beers, liquor, etc. - so you also have a good deal at Rozey. You would almost think that the food should be disappointing, but nothing could be further from the truth. We were pleasantly surprised by the diverse menu with surprising and delicious dishes such as celeriac carpaccio, watermelon steak and kentucky fried cauliflower.

Not even the hardened meat eater will miss meat in this vegetarian restaurant. Because Rozey serves its own meatless versions of the frikadel, chicken satay, burgers, pulled pork and no fewer than three types of meatballs. We are not necessarily a fan of deep-fried or vega meat instead of simply well-prepared vegetables, but still, these kinds of dishes make you so curious that you have to try it out! To our surprise, most meat substitutes really tasted of meat and sometimes even of good quality meat. We particularly liked the bitterbal and the seaweed bitterballen were very tasty. In short: you can also take your meat loving friends to Rozey. Do you think they will notice?

And then we wanted to try the dessert menu after all those goodies. Sweetness is really my weak spot, so we did our best to try a lot of this part of the menu. My favourite? The classic cheesecake with mango sauce! It is by the way not as small as you would think with the smaller dishes of Rozey, so be warned.

Although my boyfriend and I have done our best, there are still many dishes that we have not tried. For example, I am very curious about the Rozey mini burger, baked polenta, sushi roll and pulled jack fruit. My wishlist for next time is therefore ready. Yours too?

And when Rotterdam isn't around the corner for you: no worries, "our" Rozey in the Maasstad is only the first location for this vegetarian/vegan all you can eat concept!


Maartje Verheijden

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